Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blue Globe for the people of this Blue Planet

Gifts are an all time favorite for everyone irrespective of their age. So, when smart gifts are offered, people become very happy. Moreover, in the present world, offering gifts is not limited to any occasion or particular function and so if you offer chic and useful gifts to the members of your organization, they will really appreciate it. Crystal and glass gift items are now very popular so if you are planning to offer such a classy and elegant looking gift to your members, you can go through our crystal and glass section to look at the promotional Firmada II Blue Globe.

It is a blue colored globe made of crystal, which can also be used as a show piece as well as paperweight. Wherever you place it, it changes the appearance of the surroundings. Moreover, it can be offered as a personal gift as well. There is a imprinting area on the lower portion of the globe with ¾”H x 2”W dimension where you can imprint the name of your organization for corporate gifts (or your personal name or quote in case of personal gifts). Imprinting can be done by laser engraving. So, offer this 3”W x 4¼”H x 3¼”D size crystal gift to your members or loved ones and win their hearts over! This beautiful gift weighs only 3.25 pounds. So, without any second thoughts, offer this one to your near ones at a pocket friendly setup cost of $56.25 only.

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