Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rock your party with your favorite drinks in Café Tumbler

With the advent of the warm and enjoying summer season, people are ready for outdoor picnics and parties, and a party without hot or cold drinks is really impossible to think about. So, when you are planning an outdoor get together with your friends or relatives, never forget to make the necessary arrangements for carrying your beverages with you. But while travelling, it is quite difficult to carry the drinks, so if you are really looking for such an item which will allow you to carry your favorite drinks safely to the party look into our promotional 16 oz Café Tumbler from our wide section of travel mugs & tumblers so that you can enjoy your party to its fullest.

Our product, with the capacity of 16 oz, is available in four different colors with 4 station sliding lids which can be opened or closed using the thumb. The high glossy sheen on the four popular colors gives an attractive and smart appearance to these tumblers. This café tumbler is insulated with a double inner wall to keep the temperature of the drinks inside it intact. Your hot drinks are kept hot and cold drinks remain cold because of this dual insulation technology. The height of the item is 63/4” and it is cup holder friendly, so it is very useful to carry. Your company can also offer this useful item as a company gift and this 0.50 pounds product is provided with an imprinting surface of dimension 11/2”H x 4”W on either side and you can emboss your company name with logo to promote your company brand at a setup cost of only $45.

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