Monday, August 22, 2011

Peep! Peep! School bus is waiting to carry your stress

In this present competitive fast paced world, everybody’s life is so strenuous that people actually run out of time to look after their own health. Regular exercise is very important and essential but people actually cannot escape from their daily tight schedule, cannot step into the gym and mostly suffer from stress and tension borne diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and even cardiac problems. So look for some stress relieving ways to keep your health fit and your mind fresh to live a happy and healthy long life.

If you are planning to get relieved from the stress of your life sitting at your office desk or while watching news in your living room, choose our promotional Conventional School Bus Stress Ball, which will not only serve as a stress reliever for you, but will also take you to your childhood days. You will recollect your childhood memories when you used to play with toy buses. This recollection of old happy memories is another way of relieving your everyday stress and you will feel much better. The stress relieving ball looks like a conventional type toy school bus and the orange color of the bus also resembles an actual school bus. So, besides your stress, this product also serves as a toy vehicle for your kids and they will love to play with it. This 0.09 pounds toy bus is only 41/4” x 11/4” x 11/4” in dimension, so you will not have any problem in carrying it in your office bag with you. This can also be used as a great promotional corporate gift and there is a space of 21/2” x ¾” provided at the top of the bus for imprinting the company name or company logo for the perfect promotion of your company at a setup cost of only $50.

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