Friday, August 26, 2011

Coloring books are here to give company to your child

School and lessons are always an integral part of a kid’s life but sometimes, kids gain knowledge from their all time favorite story books rather than just school. They prefer story books over school texts because they find a different interest in story books. So, if your children love to read story books, then provide them with interesting stories which embed morals and teach them a few valuable lessons of life. This will not only teach your children valuable lessons but also will mould them into better people.

So, if you are looking for a perfect story book for your kid, the one stop solution is our promotional Coloring Book: How to Deal with Bullying. The story line narrates the story of a school girl who has faced bullying by one of her seniors in school. Finally, the story meanders through different stages about the idea of the girl who plans to transform her school into a No Bullying Zone. The small girl finally succeeded in her plans by taking the help of her teacher and other friends. All the characters are animated, and these colorful characters will obviously be very attractive to kids, and the lessons taught by these characters also make a mark in their minds. The light weight of the book at only 0.07 pounds and a size of 8”W x 10½”H makes it easy for kids to carry it anywhere. Found in the toys & fun section, this book is a very good gift for the kids of employees or customers in your company.

While offering this coloring book as your company’s promotional gift, emboss your company name with logo using the offset method on the front cover of the book on a 5”W x 1½”H area using a maximum of two colors and serve your promotional purposes at a setup cost of only $50.

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