Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Band aid your injury with colorful bandages

First aid knowledge is very important and so it is very much essential to carry a basic first aid kit everywhere with you. First aid treatments are emergency life saving medical practices and are done in simple and easy methods. Moreover, this is also very necessary in your workplace where you must always keep emergency medical kits such as cotton, bandage, antiseptic lotion, burn ointments with you. Conventional type of bandages are available everywhere but there are some new styled bandages which are very attractive and can relieve your pain to some extent along with a beautiful appearance.

To get one of these bandages, have our promotional Original(TM) Bandage Dispenser w/Colored Bandages which is a collection of five lucid bandages and are included with a dispenser. These bandages are free of latex and are very good for injuries and so are safe. The size of this health product containing the registered medical device is 41/8”W x 11/2”H x ½”D. The vibrant colors of these bandages are so attractive and beautiful that you will feel better and your mind will get relieved from the pain of the injury just by its appearance. Whenever you want to embed the idea of making your clients and employees feel that your company feels about their health in your corporate promotional gifts, offer them this product categorized under band-aids bandages & dispensers. Before offering this first aid pack to your clients and employees, imprint the company name or the logo of your company on a 2”W x 1”H area of the product using a screen print method. You can use a maximum of four colors for embossing and if you want to emboss on the back then you can customize your logo on a 13/4”W x 1”H area using a single color. So, give this light 0.02 pound gift and promote your company brand at an expense of only $50!

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