Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rock your party with your favorite drinks in Café Tumbler

With the advent of the warm and enjoying summer season, people are ready for outdoor picnics and parties, and a party without hot or cold drinks is really impossible to think about. So, when you are planning an outdoor get together with your friends or relatives, never forget to make the necessary arrangements for carrying your beverages with you. But while travelling, it is quite difficult to carry the drinks, so if you are really looking for such an item which will allow you to carry your favorite drinks safely to the party look into our promotional 16 oz Café Tumbler from our wide section of travel mugs & tumblers so that you can enjoy your party to its fullest.

Our product, with the capacity of 16 oz, is available in four different colors with 4 station sliding lids which can be opened or closed using the thumb. The high glossy sheen on the four popular colors gives an attractive and smart appearance to these tumblers. This café tumbler is insulated with a double inner wall to keep the temperature of the drinks inside it intact. Your hot drinks are kept hot and cold drinks remain cold because of this dual insulation technology. The height of the item is 63/4” and it is cup holder friendly, so it is very useful to carry. Your company can also offer this useful item as a company gift and this 0.50 pounds product is provided with an imprinting surface of dimension 11/2”H x 4”W on either side and you can emboss your company name with logo to promote your company brand at a setup cost of only $45.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wake up with hot tea in this Bistro Mug

A day beginning with a cup of hot tea or coffee is obviously a favorite for most people and if your favorite hot beverage is served in an attractive mug, your mind gets automatically refreshed with the sweet essence of the vapor of the hot beverage as you sip it. Such attractive mugs are very nice to enhance the beauty of the shelves of your kitchen, and also good as gifts for any occasion. So, when you are looking for such a gift item, you can choose our promotional Shiny Bistro Mug- 15 oz from our section of varieties of ceramic mugs.

Our Bistro Mug can be used as a coffee mug as well as for tea, as it holds 15 oz. of liquid. The attractive shiny outer finish of the mug enhances your dignity when you are holding its large C-shaped handle. This gift item weighing 1.17 pounds can also be offered as a corporate gift to reveal the class of your company. While offering this item of size 51/4”W x 41/4”H with a diameter of 33/4”, imprinting your company name by decal method or screen print method is very large to serve your promotional purposes. The imprint area on the front is 31/4”W x 11/8”H and your company name can be embossed using a maximum of two colors. However, additional charges are needed for extra imprinting, but the total setup charge (exclusive of any additional costs) comes to just $50.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Coloring books are here to give company to your child

School and lessons are always an integral part of a kid’s life but sometimes, kids gain knowledge from their all time favorite story books rather than just school. They prefer story books over school texts because they find a different interest in story books. So, if your children love to read story books, then provide them with interesting stories which embed morals and teach them a few valuable lessons of life. This will not only teach your children valuable lessons but also will mould them into better people.

So, if you are looking for a perfect story book for your kid, the one stop solution is our promotional Coloring Book: How to Deal with Bullying. The story line narrates the story of a school girl who has faced bullying by one of her seniors in school. Finally, the story meanders through different stages about the idea of the girl who plans to transform her school into a No Bullying Zone. The small girl finally succeeded in her plans by taking the help of her teacher and other friends. All the characters are animated, and these colorful characters will obviously be very attractive to kids, and the lessons taught by these characters also make a mark in their minds. The light weight of the book at only 0.07 pounds and a size of 8”W x 10½”H makes it easy for kids to carry it anywhere. Found in the toys & fun section, this book is a very good gift for the kids of employees or customers in your company.

While offering this coloring book as your company’s promotional gift, emboss your company name with logo using the offset method on the front cover of the book on a 5”W x 1½”H area using a maximum of two colors and serve your promotional purposes at a setup cost of only $50.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

See how your teeth shine after regular proper brushing

Most of the people are not conscious about oral care as oral hygiene takes time and effort. We generally brush our teeth in a short time and think that we have done enough, but the other parts such as our gums, cavities and the spaces between the teeth remain neglected. This part is not visible like skin and hair, so less importance is given to the mouth. However, this results in major gum disease and so regular and perfect dental care is very necessary. Apart from regular visits to the dentist, it must be your daily routine to do proper brushing and floss your teeth and gums to keep them healthy.

A toothbrush is an important tool for proper brushing, and the brush must be scientifically designed so that it can reach the farthest corners of your mouth to keep them free of any germs. Proper oral hygiene must be practiced from childhood, so give your child (and other children) our promotional Children’s Easy-Grip Toothbrush which is always the favourite choice for children as well as the adults. The soft bristles reach the farthest corner of your mouth to sweep out any lodged food and mineral particles and keep their gums and teeth healthy and fresh. Your child can hold it easily, and it makes their brushing easy with its advanced gripping technology. This important personal product comes in an attractive color combination with a white and blue pattern, which is an all-time favorite among kids. The safety cap opens and closes easily and provides additional protection to the soft bristles of this 0.03 pound toothbrush when you are not using it. So, to keep your teeth and gums healthy, take this item for you and your family’s oral care a setup charge of only $40 for each color.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Peep! Peep! School bus is waiting to carry your stress

In this present competitive fast paced world, everybody’s life is so strenuous that people actually run out of time to look after their own health. Regular exercise is very important and essential but people actually cannot escape from their daily tight schedule, cannot step into the gym and mostly suffer from stress and tension borne diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and even cardiac problems. So look for some stress relieving ways to keep your health fit and your mind fresh to live a happy and healthy long life.

If you are planning to get relieved from the stress of your life sitting at your office desk or while watching news in your living room, choose our promotional Conventional School Bus Stress Ball, which will not only serve as a stress reliever for you, but will also take you to your childhood days. You will recollect your childhood memories when you used to play with toy buses. This recollection of old happy memories is another way of relieving your everyday stress and you will feel much better. The stress relieving ball looks like a conventional type toy school bus and the orange color of the bus also resembles an actual school bus. So, besides your stress, this product also serves as a toy vehicle for your kids and they will love to play with it. This 0.09 pounds toy bus is only 41/4” x 11/4” x 11/4” in dimension, so you will not have any problem in carrying it in your office bag with you. This can also be used as a great promotional corporate gift and there is a space of 21/2” x ¾” provided at the top of the bus for imprinting the company name or company logo for the perfect promotion of your company at a setup cost of only $50.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Teach valuable lessons of life through coloring books

While you are busy with your office or domestic work, your kids are busy with their trips to school. Their journey to school begins and ends in the school bus, and sometimes they really get bored with this every day schedule and irritate you as well. Kids also need some entertainment. Toys are always not the only source of entertainment, and so because of their boredom, they start nagging and disturb you. At this point of time, being an adult, you need to satisfy them with certain things that will not only entertain them but will also teach them certain values of life.

To please your child with such things, gift your client’s children with our promotional Coloring Book: School Bus Safety where Sammy, a funny and attractive character teaches a number of things in a very special way to your child so that they can remain safe on their way to school or when going home by their school bus. Funky and creative characters are portrayed throughout the 16 pages of the storyline which teach kids some important lessons in a very different way which all kids will actually enjoy very much. This beautiful gift for your kids is available under the range of toys & fun at a setup cost of only $50. The 8”W x 101/2”H size and 0.07 pounds weight of the book is also in accordance to the kids and so they can easily carry the product in their school bag.

While choosing this coloring book as your promotional gift, imprint your company name and logo using a maximum of two colors on the 5”W x 11/2”H imprinting space to serve your promotional purposes.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Band aid your injury with colorful bandages

First aid knowledge is very important and so it is very much essential to carry a basic first aid kit everywhere with you. First aid treatments are emergency life saving medical practices and are done in simple and easy methods. Moreover, this is also very necessary in your workplace where you must always keep emergency medical kits such as cotton, bandage, antiseptic lotion, burn ointments with you. Conventional type of bandages are available everywhere but there are some new styled bandages which are very attractive and can relieve your pain to some extent along with a beautiful appearance.

To get one of these bandages, have our promotional Original(TM) Bandage Dispenser w/Colored Bandages which is a collection of five lucid bandages and are included with a dispenser. These bandages are free of latex and are very good for injuries and so are safe. The size of this health product containing the registered medical device is 41/8”W x 11/2”H x ½”D. The vibrant colors of these bandages are so attractive and beautiful that you will feel better and your mind will get relieved from the pain of the injury just by its appearance. Whenever you want to embed the idea of making your clients and employees feel that your company feels about their health in your corporate promotional gifts, offer them this product categorized under band-aids bandages & dispensers. Before offering this first aid pack to your clients and employees, imprint the company name or the logo of your company on a 2”W x 1”H area of the product using a screen print method. You can use a maximum of four colors for embossing and if you want to emboss on the back then you can customize your logo on a 13/4”W x 1”H area using a single color. So, give this light 0.02 pound gift and promote your company brand at an expense of only $50!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

An apple relieves you from stress

People living in this contemporary world are well aware of the fact that they are surviving in the midst of an active lifestyle and a hectic daily schedule. So exercise is very essential for everybody, but people don’t find any time to go to the gym sometimes, as a result of which, people are suffering from stress and tension of their work pressure, which is the main reason for ill health in our life.

So, if you don’t get the time to run into the gym, just try our promotional Apple Figure Stress Ball which you can use to get rid of your stress at your office desk as well. This is a stress relieving ball shaped like a red apple and also looks like a toy. You can use this effective product as a stress ball and can get relief from your tension and stress. It is available only in red color to give users a perfect apple appearance. You can use it at your home also and treat your kids to a new toy. The diameter of this stress reliever is only 21/2” with 0.12 pounds weight and so you can easily carry it to your office in your office bag.

Moreover, this unique product can be offered as a promotional corporate gift and is the best gift for your employees and customers in this competitive world. So, before offering this exclusive gift to your customers or employees, emboss the name of your company or the company logo on the provided imprinting area of 11/4” X 1”. You can imprint on either side of the stress ball and do your company promotion at an expense of only $50.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Colorful zippered pouches for your stationery items

Your office decorum is never complete until you have the necessary stationery items on your office desk and you have easy access to them whenever you need them. Basic office stationery items such as pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, clips, pins are very important items that we not only need at our office desk but also in our domestic use. But these are small things and the kids at your home could misplace those items most of the times. Why only kids, even adults also do the same thing.

So, if you are planning to keep your basic stationery items properly, our promotional Notebook Mate School Kit is here to help you out. The kids and the school goers of all levels will be very happy to have this zippered kit in four attractive colors: red, royal blue, school bus yellow and white. These stationery items include a Jester pen, a Neon Buy Write pencil, Rase-A-Round eraser, a white colored sharpener for the pencil and a naturally made 6” ruler. The 0.11 pounds kit has a wide imprint area of 6” where you can emboss the name of your company and gift it to your office employees or clients which will serve as promotional business gifts. 4 items including the zippered kit are generally imprinted with your company name except the sharpener and the eraser, but with an additional charge, the erasers can also be imprinted according to your requirements.

The size of the kit is only 6”H x 91/4”W and so it can be placed in a small corner of your child’s school backpack. Even if you want to carry it to your office, it will get fit in a small space in your office bag. The individual imprinting area of the pouch is 21/2”H x 6”W and that of the pen is 9/16”H x 11/2”W, pencil is 13/16”H x 41/4”W and that in the ruler is 1/2”H x 51/4”W. So grab this unique stationery product and gift it to your clients and employees for their children at an expense of just $45 for each color!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now use a colorful inch and metric combination ruler at your office desk

Stationery items are very important for our office desk, and sometimes they become necessary for domestic use also. It is quite difficult to imagine the working environment of an office without stationery items. Starting from files, clips, envelops, pens, rulers and many more, these items are available in a wide range. Every company strives to bring the brand name of their company to the top, and for this, office stationary items can be used as the best and inexpensive promotional gifts.

A ruler is an essential article on the office desk so look at our promotional Twelve-inch Measureview(R) Ruler. The ruler is a normal 12” long ruler and is made of acrylic, but the most important feature is that it is provided with a magnifying bar which is generally not found in normal rulers. The measuring units of the ruler are available in both inches and metric scales, which is a very good combination in a single ruler. This useful stationery product categorized under other office items is available in different pastel colors but on all colors, the calibration is printed in the same color as the photo.

For the promotion of your company, include this small but useful item of size 121/4”W x 2”H x 1/4”D in your list of promotional business gifts and emboss the name of your company or the company logo using maximum of two colors across the entire ruler through 111/2”W x 9/16”H before offering the gift to your prospective clients and customers. However, if you want to imprint the calibrations with more than one color to give a more attractive look to your 0.16 pound gift, then also you can fulfil your wish by specifying the colors you need. The total set up charge of the stationary gift is $50 with additional charges claimed for more personalization with different colors.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Back pack on your back to set off for a summer break

Finally, the warm weather of summer is back again, and it is the best season throughout the nation when people actually want to enjoy and feel happy to spend their time outdoors. The sun shines with its bright sunlight, the warm breeze is all around, and this is the perfect time when you can start your packing for a summer break in some beautiful spot. Whether your tour is for the weekends only or longer, you need to carry baggage with yourself to carry your personal items starting from your clothing to toiletries and some snacks. For this, beautiful and attractive back packs are very necessary which can also show your class.

A one stop solution to choose your back pack from a category of various back packs is our promotional Boomerang Backpack. The main pocket has the largest space to house a number of your personal items. It is provided with a zip. The other compartment is in the front side which is also zippered. There is an additional mesh pocket on one side. The bag of size 12”L x 7”W x 17.5”H is available in bright color with carry straps for the shoulder.

You will not at all feel any stress while carrying the luggage filled back pack on your shoulder as the shoulder straps are all padded to give you fullest comfort and the straps are also adjustable according to your height and usage. Moreover, the back pack itself weighs only 0.67 pounds and so it is lightweight for your shoulders. Such a useful item must always be included in your corporate gift ideas and before offering them to your clients or employees, don’t forget to customize the back pack with the logo or brand name of your company which coats only $62.50 for embossing with one color at any location. The set up charge for the product is only $55.00!

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