Monday, July 11, 2011

The magic of multi function hides behind the Multi Function Hatchet Tool

In our everyday life, we mostly face problems while looking for different screwdrivers, pliers, bottle opener or sometimes searching and not finding out the tools in the proper places. This is a very common in everybody’s life. This makes us dream of something that could serve us with well without we having to look for so many different tools at different places. But this is no longer a distant dream because there is a multi functional tool that will provide a number of tools packed together at one place.

Promotional Multi Function Hatchet Tool is an assembled body containing a number of tools like hatchet, pliers, hammer, two different saws, wire cutters, big flathead screwdriver, four position mini wrenches, Philips head screwdriver, bottle opener, file and knife. The multi function tool is made of stainless steel and wood and the total set up comes in a nylon belt pouch. The total weight of this product is only 0.92 pounds and so can be carried anywhere. The product comes from the range of tools. The product is really very useful and is necessary for every household. So, the product can be easily offered as a promotional or corporate gift. There is space provided with dimensions of ¼”H X 1 ¼”W for imprinting the company name or logo and customizing the product. The method of imprinting is laser engraving. The price of this household cum industrial tool is only $56.25, which is within the budget you might have kept aside for a promotional gift for the promotion of the company.

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