Monday, July 4, 2011

Enjoy both cold and hot beverages with Promotional Travel Cooler/Warmer

Most of us are familiar either with coolers that keep our drinks cool or the warmers that keep our drinks, like tea or coffee, hot. Now, here is a promotional gift with both cooling and heating options. You can now have a cup of hot tea or coffee or chilled beverages anywhere at any time. The promotional Travel Cooler/Warmer is a new item to keep your drinks cool or warm as per your requirement. This is a new kind of item from the category of insulated bags and coolers.

Promotional Travel Cooler/Warmer is an amazing two-in-one product. The product is made up of plastic and so it is lightweight, weighing only 7.60 pounds. So, it can be easily carried to different places. The portability factor is a huge advantage because both cool and hot beverages are required for outings. The Travel cooler and warmer has a capacity to hold 9 cans together at a time with two cup holders in the outer portion. The size of the product is also not very large, having dimensions of 14 ¼ W x 11 ½ H x 7 ½ D. The product is provided with a car adaptor and a wall plug under UL rating. This isn’t going to burden your shoulders much as there is a padded shoulder grip on the carry strap. You can even adjust its length based on your needs. It can be imprinted with the vinyl dome method. The imprinting area is 5/8’’ H x 1 ¾’’ W. Moreover, this amazing product is pocket friendly because it costs only $56.25.

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