Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don’t forget to take your divot repair tool before going to the golf course

Summer is the perfect season when we can go out to enjoy the pleasure of playing golf. The vast green golf courses are all trimmed by this time to welcome golfers to have a pleasant time in this wonderful warm environment. So, now it is time to get prepared with our golf accessories so that we can have a great time on the course. A golf stick and ball are always ready, but what about the smaller but important and necessary things that we often forget to carry with us on our way to the golf course? The ball marker and the divot repair tool are important accessories for golfers and are very good executive business gifts for clients in advertising your business.

Our promotional Divix Switch Blade Divot Repair Tool is a necessary item to fix a mark on the green which a golf ball makes. It is made of 400 series stainless steel with a graphite handle which is durable and lightweight. The tool looks like a fork and it is provided with a push button switch for the blade action used to mark on the green. This golf accessory, categorized under ball markers & divot tools, is available in five different and attractive colors with long lasting acrylic dome. There is also an open close club rest push button. The divot tool is provided with a 1” ball marker with a logo containing four different colors. This ball marker is removable as well. The product size is only 4 ½” H x 1”W and weighs only 0.08 pounds. To customize this product for your business gift, there is an imprint area of 7/8” for embossing your company name or logo on the product. So, give off this unique gift to the clients for the promotion of your company at a set up expense of just $100 per color.

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