Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don’t forget to take your divot repair tool before going to the golf course

Summer is the perfect season when we can go out to enjoy the pleasure of playing golf. The vast green golf courses are all trimmed by this time to welcome golfers to have a pleasant time in this wonderful warm environment. So, now it is time to get prepared with our golf accessories so that we can have a great time on the course. A golf stick and ball are always ready, but what about the smaller but important and necessary things that we often forget to carry with us on our way to the golf course? The ball marker and the divot repair tool are important accessories for golfers and are very good executive business gifts for clients in advertising your business.

Our promotional Divix Switch Blade Divot Repair Tool is a necessary item to fix a mark on the green which a golf ball makes. It is made of 400 series stainless steel with a graphite handle which is durable and lightweight. The tool looks like a fork and it is provided with a push button switch for the blade action used to mark on the green. This golf accessory, categorized under ball markers & divot tools, is available in five different and attractive colors with long lasting acrylic dome. There is also an open close club rest push button. The divot tool is provided with a 1” ball marker with a logo containing four different colors. This ball marker is removable as well. The product size is only 4 ½” H x 1”W and weighs only 0.08 pounds. To customize this product for your business gift, there is an imprint area of 7/8” for embossing your company name or logo on the product. So, give off this unique gift to the clients for the promotion of your company at a set up expense of just $100 per color.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Golfers, get your new clip ball marker

Summer is waiting at the threshold with its arms outstretched to welcome us with its soothing heat and warmth. This is the perfect time to escape from our busy life and enjoy the pleasure of golf matches in the open air of our favorite green golf course. While playing golf, a ball marker is very necessary for golfers and it is the most important pin like structure to mark the position of the golf ball on a well trimmed golf course. Therefore, this ball marker can be a very good executive business gift for the promotion of your company.

This promotional Hat Clip Ball Marker is a very good item for golfers and can be easily clipped to your cap, pockets or belt. Most of the golfers possess a hobby of collecting varieties of ball markers. This hat clip ball marker is available either in antique silver or in antique brass and its reverse face features the famous design of crossed clubs. The total size of the product is only 17/8”H x 1”W. This product categorized under ball markers & divot tools is quite unique because it is a magnetically removable both sided ball marker. While offering it to your prospective clients, customization of the gift is very important because along with the choice of the gift, it also resembles the class of your business. The golf accessory can be imprinted with a custom logo on one side and the other side is embossed with a stock logo. Imprinting can be done by removable die stuck. The provided area for imprinting is 0.94” dia. The total size of the product is only 17/8”H x 1”W whose weight is negligible at only 0.09 pounds. So go in for this exclusive gift packed in a poly bag for a setup cost of only $85 for each color for your executive clients this summer!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bid good-bye to your stress using this Beach Ball Stress Ball

At the advent of this warm season, most of us prefer to go to the coastal areas to enjoy the warmth of the summer season and escape from our regular busy life. The sea beach is a perfect place to enjoy the heat of the atmosphere while enjoying beach parties and picnics. While you are having a sun bath on the beach you can also enjoy some games with your friends. Beach balls are very important for beach sports but are usually enjoyed by kids and the younger generation. However, stress relieving beach balls are more popular among all generations and it is an inexpensive corporate gift for beach lovers.

Our promotional Beach Ball Stress Ball is a sports accessory as well as a stress reliever. This product is a unique item among stress relievers & toys. The stress balls are available in mix and match of three colors: red, blue, and white and the total combination of these colors give an attractive appearance to the ball. The diameter of the ball is 2 ¾” and it weighs 0.10 pounds. To customize this useful ball for your clients and customers with your brand name or logo, you can choose either white or one from red and blue panels to imprint the company name or logo. For the white panel, the diameter of the imprint area is 1 ½” and that of the red or blue panel is 1 ¼” x 5/8”. You can promote your company for an expense of $50 for each color including the imprinting cost.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burn your extra calorie using Calorie Counter Jump Rope

We are all now very conscious about our health. We try to restrict our food habits, but it is not always possible because, more often than not, we give in to the temptations of mouth watering dishes. Thus, we end up working out more the next day to burn the extra calories consumed and be healthy and in shape. It is better to use the jump rope at home only to keep our body fit rather than running to the gym and so this product is very important for everybody and can be offered to the clients and customers as a business gift.

Promotional Calorie Counter Jump Rope is a fitness accessory with a LCD display which counts the number of jumps or the distance either in kilometers or in mileage. It is powered by button cell batteries and has an option of automatic power saving mode. The total length of the rope is 10’ which is adjustable according to the height of the user. Your company can easily select this fitness item categorized under fitness & personal safety to offer as a business gift customized with the company name or logo for the promotion of the brand name of the company. The jump rope comes in a transparent PVC pouch of 7”H x 1-1/4”W x 1-1/16”D dimensions. Your company can imprint the company logo or name in a particular location with a single color by either of silkscreen, laser engraved, heat transferred, magic color or debossed method. The total charge for this 0.38 pounds gift item including the imprinting charge is only $45. For imprinting with some additional color or at some other area, it takes $.45 per piece. The imprinting area is 1-1/8”W x 1/2”H.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Note your everyday routine in your Fitness Journal

In this present fast moving life, we often forget to keep the track of our daily and future work. This is quite natural because we are always engaged in something or the other. However, this excuse can be detrimental to our careers. So it is very important to jot down the to-do list ‘somewhere’ so that we can follow that before the beginning of everyday’s work. This ‘somewhere’ must not be multiple notebooks but a single notebook, better to say a journal that provides a date-wise space to maintain the proper sequence of the to-do list. Moreover, when you are carrying it with you outdoor for some official purpose, it reveals your smartness and professionalism. The journal itself gives a professional look and so can be easily enlisted in the column of promotional gifts.

Promotional Fitness Journal is a refillable journal containing ninety pages. The pages are categorized for personal information, noting down daily exercises and for nutritional information. Therefore, this journal not only offer you space for keeping a note of your regular office work but also gives you the scope to maintain your health between your office hours. The size of the notebook is only 6.5”L x 1”W x 8.75”H and the weight is also very less, only .080 pounds. So, is very easy to carry with you anywhere. The corporate item is categorized under fitness & personal safety. The price of the item is only $55.00 but when the item is customized by company name or logo, the total cost including the stamping cost using a single color at a single location comes to $62.50. Therefore, the item is undoubtedly very important and useful for corporate office and so can be easily offered to the employees as well as the clients as a corporate gift.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Start your outing with Metro Backsack

A great summer is waiting to welcome us with its pleasant warmth. This is the perfect time when we prefer to go out for tours. So it is the time for backpacking to start for our trips. Sometimes big luggage bags are required but for short tours, simple backpacks serve the purpose. Even during casual outings also, these backpacks are very easy and fashionable to carry. These backpacks are very useful and can carry al lot of things. They give a trendy and smart look to the carrier. So the product is really good and useful to offer as a promotional gift to clients and customers.

Promotional Metro Backsack is a very good gift item for all people of all ages. These backpacks are handy while we travel on buses and trains. The backpacks are provided with an exterior pocket with zipper. The drawstring on the main chamber is an additional facility. The school goers can easily use it. The product, under the class of back packs, is made of 210D Polyester along with nylon made accent panel. It looks like a sack and comes in a number of colors of which the Carolina Blue color is the most attractive. The total size is only 17”H x 15”W and the price is only $50. While offering it as a promotional or corporate gift, customization is very important because customizing the gift with the company name or logo is a perfect way of advertisement. The imprint area is 6”H x 9”W. The imprinting of the company logo or brand name can be done with single color only by silk screened method and the price actually includes the imprinting cost. The weight of the travel bag is only 0.17 pounds and thus it can easily be mailed to prospective customers or clients.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carry your items in your playing flyer

Carry pouches are very useful when it comes to carrying loose items that don’t fit well in your pockets. There are many people who do not like to carry wallets or purse and they can use this type of trendy pouches to carry the money or cell phones and other important items. The pouches are so fashionable that they suit all your casual outfits. Some of these pouches are very flexible and can also be twisted to a flying disc. So, the product is a very good item for picnics with its dual function. Thus, it can be offered as a corporate or promotional gift.

Promotional Twist-N-Go Flyer is a flyer cum carry pouch and is a perfect product for children as well as adults. The item is available in five different and attractive colors: green, red, purple, blue and white with a trim of either black or white. The two-in-one product is available under the category of toys & fun. When this bi-functional flyer is used as a toy for fun, it has a diameter of 10 inches and when it is twisted into a carry pouch, the dimensions become 3 ¾” X 4 ½”. The product is very light in weight, just about 0.07 pounds and the price of the item is only $31.25, which is very inexpensive considering the high prices of other corporate gifts that are used promoting a brand. To offer it as a company gift, customization is very important. You can imprint the company name or logo on both the pouch and the flyer using a single color. The imprint area on the flyer is 5” x 2 ½” and that on the pouch is 2” x 2”.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

The magic of multi function hides behind the Multi Function Hatchet Tool

In our everyday life, we mostly face problems while looking for different screwdrivers, pliers, bottle opener or sometimes searching and not finding out the tools in the proper places. This is a very common in everybody’s life. This makes us dream of something that could serve us with well without we having to look for so many different tools at different places. But this is no longer a distant dream because there is a multi functional tool that will provide a number of tools packed together at one place.

Promotional Multi Function Hatchet Tool is an assembled body containing a number of tools like hatchet, pliers, hammer, two different saws, wire cutters, big flathead screwdriver, four position mini wrenches, Philips head screwdriver, bottle opener, file and knife. The multi function tool is made of stainless steel and wood and the total set up comes in a nylon belt pouch. The total weight of this product is only 0.92 pounds and so can be carried anywhere. The product comes from the range of tools. The product is really very useful and is necessary for every household. So, the product can be easily offered as a promotional or corporate gift. There is space provided with dimensions of ¼”H X 1 ¼”W for imprinting the company name or logo and customizing the product. The method of imprinting is laser engraving. The price of this household cum industrial tool is only $56.25, which is within the budget you might have kept aside for a promotional gift for the promotion of the company.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Be fashionable among your friends at the picnic with this 6 piece BBQ Apron

Stainless steel cutlery and an apron are the two things we use almost regularly in our kitchen. Cooking in the same kitchen everyday with the same appliances sometimes becomes very boring. So to bring a change, we can use something different to change the everyday kitchen environment. New items always bring excitement and refreshment to our mind. The 6 Piece BBQ Apron is an assembled product which can be used in our kitchens as well as in our outdoor parties. The product from the range of barbeque sets is very useful and is a part of the basic necessities and so it is ideal as a promotional or corporate gift.

This promotional 6 Piece BBQ Apron is an assembled set containing a Rosewood handled spatula, fork, fork, tongs, opener for bottles or cans and an oven mitt. These entire cutlery set comes well packed in a 600D polyester apron and then the apron is packed in a poly bag. The entire set is obviously usable in kitchen but also very useful in picnics also. The dimensions of the product are 4 ½”H x 5”W x 21”D which makes it portable. The total weight is only 3.00 pounds and so can be easily carried to any outdoor location during a party. To customize the product for a company, there is the facility of imprinting the company name or logo in geo-panel or silkscreen method. The area for imprinting is 1 ¼”H x 2 ½”, which is sufficient enough to fit the brand name or logo. The total set comes for $50 which goes perfectly for a promotional gift.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decorate your kitchen shelves with bamboo made Eco BBQ Set

We all generally use stainless steel, melamine or porcelain made cutlery. This, however, fails to distinguish you from others. But if start using stainless steel cum bamboo made cutlery set which includes a number of things such as spatula, fork, and many more, you are sure to surprise your guests. The total Eco BBQ Set is very unique and useful and it can be a different item in your kitchen shelf, one that is not generally found in everybody’s kitchen. The items in the set are very attractive and the looks will make you want one for your own. The set of sustainable materials can be given off to the clients as a unique promotional gift.

Promotional Eco BBQ Set is actually a set of different cutlery items made of natural bamboo and stainless steel. The items include spatula, fork, twenty skewers made of wood and tongs. All these materials are perfectly packed in a hundred percent eco friendly cardboard package of cylindrical shape with protective paper stuffing. The package is very neatly done. It has a size of only 14 ½”H x 3 1/8”W that it can be easily sent to the customers through courier or other mailing services. The weight is also very less at only 1.52 pounds. This kitchen product can easily be used as the promotional gift for your company because it is one of the basic necessary items of every kitchen. To personalize the gift, the method of imprinting the company name on the product is of two types: Digital laminate panel or silkscreen and the imprint area is 2”H x 2”W. the total set costs only $50 and so don’t wait anymore and choose it as the next promotional gift of your company.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Enjoy both cold and hot beverages with Promotional Travel Cooler/Warmer

Most of us are familiar either with coolers that keep our drinks cool or the warmers that keep our drinks, like tea or coffee, hot. Now, here is a promotional gift with both cooling and heating options. You can now have a cup of hot tea or coffee or chilled beverages anywhere at any time. The promotional Travel Cooler/Warmer is a new item to keep your drinks cool or warm as per your requirement. This is a new kind of item from the category of insulated bags and coolers.

Promotional Travel Cooler/Warmer is an amazing two-in-one product. The product is made up of plastic and so it is lightweight, weighing only 7.60 pounds. So, it can be easily carried to different places. The portability factor is a huge advantage because both cool and hot beverages are required for outings. The Travel cooler and warmer has a capacity to hold 9 cans together at a time with two cup holders in the outer portion. The size of the product is also not very large, having dimensions of 14 ¼ W x 11 ½ H x 7 ½ D. The product is provided with a car adaptor and a wall plug under UL rating. This isn’t going to burden your shoulders much as there is a padded shoulder grip on the carry strap. You can even adjust its length based on your needs. It can be imprinted with the vinyl dome method. The imprinting area is 5/8’’ H x 1 ¾’’ W. Moreover, this amazing product is pocket friendly because it costs only $56.25.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Grab your Promotional Mesh Beach Chair and have a great day!

Beach chairs are the best thing about beaches full of activity and color. They play the most important role of keeping the clothes clean as people don’t have to sit on the sand directly. They are available in various styles and comfort levels also differ from one another. So while choosing a beach chair, various things should be kept in mind like the comfort level, portability factor, sturdiness, colors, etc. beach chairs are very fashionable and are must haves for you if you want to spend a lovely day on the beach!

Promotional Mesh Beach Chair can be your perfect companion to picnics and outdoor trips. Among different games and sports equipments, this low slung chair deserves special mention because it is very unique. This chair has been specially designed for absolute relaxation. It can bear a weight up to 250 lb. There is a headrest on the top of the chair which is padded keeping in mind customers’ health. A bag made of 210D nylon also comes attached with the beach chair, which has a drawstring and white strap. The chair has dimensions of 22"w x 28"h x 28"d. You can easily imprint information about your company by the method of Heat Transfer or SpectraColor. The headrest portion of the chair has an imprint area of 10"w x 3"h and the carry bag has an imprint area of 12"w x 4"h and in both the cases, maximum 4 colors can be used. The set up charge of the product is just $50. We can deliver the product in 5 business days. However, if you are in hurry, we can deliver it within 24 hours also.

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