Monday, May 2, 2011

Promotional Scripto® Accent Highlighter Pen – everyone’s choice!

Highlighter pens are used by everybody in this world, irrespective of age, interests or any factors. A highlighter used on certain words can makes them more noticeable. It also helps you remember those words better than others. What’s more, they are more fashionable than just ordinary pens. As people are becoming more and more fashion conscious these days, they want each of their items, be it utility or otherwise, to be stylish and trendy. That is the reason most of the stationery items have been remodeled. Pen is the most popular of stationery items, so it’s only natural that it has a great promotional value. Highlighter pens are available in various designs, shapes and sizes. The quality of ink also differs from one another. As such, highlighter pens are even more long lasting than ordinary pens because they are used only to mark or highlight. As they are not used in writing regularly, their designs can be varied. Another advantage of highlighter pens is their cost. They are cheap as compared to all other stationery articles. So they can be easily used as business promotional items.

Promotional Scripto® Accent Highlighter Pen is very smart highlighter pen. This marker features exclusive Scripto molded grip. It is attached with a carabiner clip so that it can be easily attached with a folder. For comfortable grip, the highlighter is covered by a rubber band. The item has a size of 0.86''L x 5.3''H and has a large imprint area on it. You can deboss or stamp the name or logo of your company on the highlighter. The setup charge of the item is just $55.

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