Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Promotional California Innovations® 24-Can Cooler – a great item to carry!

Cooler bags are immensely useful items, especially in the hot summer season. These bags can be kept for oneself or can also be given away as gifts to family members, friends or close associates. They are available in various sizes and different bright colors. These bags are insulated properly so as to keep the heat outside the bag. These bags are perfect to be taken along with you, when going for picnics, camping or hiking.

Promotional California Innovations® 24-Can Cooler is a very helpful product. Those who are looking for insulated bags and coolers in order to store different items, this product to go for. It is in the shape of a barrel, which gives it higher storage capacity. On the top of the opening flap, there is a pocket where you can easily store your essentials. There is no zipper attached to the pocket and that allows you to quickly retrieve any item that you require. Because of its huge capacity, it can hold twenty-four cans, each having a capacity of twelve oz. The bag is provided with handles, so it is really easy to carry the bag. It is leak-proof as it is made using PEVA lining. Thus it is absolutely safe to carry chilled drinks and beverages in this bag. The item has a size of 11''L x 11''W x 12''H. The setup charge for this item is just $55. For stamping or debossing, you will be charged $62.50 as the setup charge, for each location and color. We can deliver the product within 5 business days.

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