Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Promotional Umbrella Rain Gauge – Modern day equipment for measuring rainfall

Ever since the 13th century, rain gauges have served the most important purpose of measuring the amount of rainfall. In older days, a rain gauge was just a simple tool, but as time has passed it has become more advanced technologically. The latest machines can measure rainfall even to the fraction of a millimeter. There are basically two types of rain gauge, analogue and digital. The analogue rain gauge shows the amount of rainfall by the help of a dial, whereas a digital rain gauge displays it with the help of numbers.

Also, rain gauges can be either wireless or wired. Both of the types are very reliable and give quite an accurate measurement of the amount of rainfall. Usually, the standard language used in these kinds of tools is English and the measurement unit used is in inches. What determines a good rain gauge from a bad one is whether it is easy to use or not. Certain very advanced gauges even have in-built alarms, cellular phones and many more features.

Our Promotional Umbrella Rain Gauge is perfect for measuring rainfall. If you are interested in buying outdoor tools and compasses, then this item is just the right one for you to buy. It is molded in a cute umbrella shape which is surely going to catch your attention. It provides measurements both in centimeters and inches and in clear large letters. The equipment is made of durable and non-breakable plastic. You can easily stick this gauge into the soil, or tie it to a post to measure the quantity of rainfall. You will have to pay only $40 as the setup cost for this useful product.

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