Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Promotional Optimus Stainless Bottle – An all-purpose sturdy bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are perfect options for you if you are looking for some sturdy water bottles. They are the most heavy weight bottles in comparison to plastic or aluminium bottles. That’s why they are also very durable and are used for a range of different purposes. Durability is one of the plus points of stainless steel bottles, and no matter how much you manhandle them they can withstand a great deal of abuse. Stainless steel bottles can also endure extremities of temperature and you can insulate the bottle if you wish to. As these bottles are made of stainless steel, they will never rust. Another most important quality of steel is that it can be cleaned easily, and it is this characteristic that makes stainless steel bottle most safe to use. These bottles are also very elegant and sleek.

The Promotional Optimus Stainless Bottle is not just a trendy promotional product but also a very useful item, especially for sports. It is a highly recommended sports bottle. The item has a size of 2.74''L x 10.74''H and a volume of 26 oz. The lid of the bottle is textured to facilitate a better grip. If you want, you can attach a carabiner to the lid for your benefit. Because the bottle has a large opening, you can easily clean the bottle or fill it. The set up charge for the product is $55. In case you want to deboss or stamp it with your brand, the charges will be $62.50 for each location and each color. We can deliver this product in 5 business days.

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