Friday, April 8, 2011

Promotional Golf Ball Mints – a cool and fun item!

Golf is a sport that requires tremendous physical strength. Not only that, golf demands that the player keep up his energy level constantly. This is where mints play a very important role. They keep the golf players fresh and motivated. It has been seen that golf and mint has a very ancient relationship. Different products made of mint have always been useful to golfers. For instance, mint oil is used to treat back pain, golfers elbow and many other ailments regarding the posture of the body. Then, there is mint tea, which is also recommended for golfers as they have a refreshing value and energize the drinker. So, it is evident that mint in some form of the other has always been helpful to golfers. Peppermint is a candy which has a mint flavor. It is famous among not only golfers, but in general as well. It can not only be served as candy, but also as a mouth freshener and stimulant.

Promotional Golf Ball Mints are a great promotional item. These are available in a round container created in the shape of a golf ball filled with small peppermints. It is a very cool item to give away, and because of the golf ball shape of the container, it acts as a perfect gift for golfers. The container has dimensions of 1.5" diameter and 1.25" height. There is an imprint area of 0.75"w x 0.5"h on this mint item where you can emboss the name and other information about your company using the screen print method. This trendy promotional item will cost you only $50 to set up.

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