Friday, April 29, 2011

Promotional 4-Color Process Ceramic Mug – an item everyone would simply fall in love with!

Tea or coffee breaks make working hours tolerable. Whether one is working at any firm or is self-employed, tea or coffee breaks are always welcome because they help to break the monotony of life. Thus coffee mugs are immensely useful products. They are made of various ceramic materials like stoneware, porcelain, bone china or earthenware. Personalized mugs can create a fashion statement. Mugs are great items through which a company’s image gets reflected. Thus, they are very effective promotional tools. Coffee mugs can be easily customized by imprinting company logos or some personal message at very affordable rates. Because of its heavy weight, a ceramic mug can act as great penholder too. They can also act as beautiful showpieces to adorn cabinets. You can also imprint a photo on the mug to make it look even more eye-catching. Another important feature of ceramic mugs is that they are very durable and handy, unless smashed to the ground, something one would never have a heart to do.

Promotional 4-Color Process Ceramic Mug is a very trendy and useful product. Ceramic mugs are ideal for gifting others or if you want, you can keep it for yourself. The size of the item is 4-1/2"w x 3-3/4"h. You can imprint information about your company all around the mug within an area of 9-1/4"w x 3-3/4"h using a maximum of four colors. You can use the method of sublimation for imprinting. The set up charge for this beautiful ceramic mug is only $50. We can deliver the product within 10 business days.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Promotional Umbrella Rain Gauge – Modern day equipment for measuring rainfall

Ever since the 13th century, rain gauges have served the most important purpose of measuring the amount of rainfall. In older days, a rain gauge was just a simple tool, but as time has passed it has become more advanced technologically. The latest machines can measure rainfall even to the fraction of a millimeter. There are basically two types of rain gauge, analogue and digital. The analogue rain gauge shows the amount of rainfall by the help of a dial, whereas a digital rain gauge displays it with the help of numbers.

Also, rain gauges can be either wireless or wired. Both of the types are very reliable and give quite an accurate measurement of the amount of rainfall. Usually, the standard language used in these kinds of tools is English and the measurement unit used is in inches. What determines a good rain gauge from a bad one is whether it is easy to use or not. Certain very advanced gauges even have in-built alarms, cellular phones and many more features.

Our Promotional Umbrella Rain Gauge is perfect for measuring rainfall. If you are interested in buying outdoor tools and compasses, then this item is just the right one for you to buy. It is molded in a cute umbrella shape which is surely going to catch your attention. It provides measurements both in centimeters and inches and in clear large letters. The equipment is made of durable and non-breakable plastic. You can easily stick this gauge into the soil, or tie it to a post to measure the quantity of rainfall. You will have to pay only $40 as the setup cost for this useful product.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Promotional Dunes Outdoor Game Set – A lovely product for kids as well as grown ups!

It is hard to point out a single individual who doesn’t love to play games. In today’s life, when there is too much work pressure and very less time for recreation, outdoor games come as a blessing for all. Outdoor games are loved by all, whether it is kids or adults. They spend hours within the confinement of offices and classrooms and are in constant need of fresh air that will rejuvenate their bodily strength.

The more we stay in contact with fresh oxygen, the better we can stay away from different diseases. If we are involved in some regular outdoor sports, we won’t have to spend that extra time working out in the gym. And why only good health - Outdoor games play important roles in developing certain important qualities which can’t be learned just by reading books like leadership, co-operation, group morale and tolerance. Thus outdoor games not only help to stay physically fit but also to remain mentally strong.

Our Promotional Dunes Outdoor Game Set is a very useful item. For lovers of sports and outdoor activities, this product is really helpful as it is a comprehensive item. The whole set comprises of a Frisbee, a velcro ball, kite, beach ball and a set of gloves. All of these come in a durable bag. The bag is attached with a carabiner, so it can be easily hung on a hook. There is a velcro pocket at the front of the bag where you can easily store small but essential items needed for games. The product has size of 2.75''L x 9.5''H. The setup charge for this amazing product is only $55 for each color.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

‘Sunflower in Pot’ Stress Ball – Cheery and Helpful

The demand as well as supply of stress balls is increasing rapidly in today’s world, as stress has become a constant factor of our life. No matter how much we try to remain stress free, it finds a way to affect us in some way or the other. Eliminating stress absolutely from our life is an impossible thing to achieve. Therefore, we should at least think of ways by which we can alleviate stress. This is where stress relievers, stress balls and toys come into play.

Stress balls act as very effective promotional products as they can be manufactured in any shape you want. It is very easy to mould the stress ball according to the theme of your company or according to the product your company produces. Thus stress balls can serve many purposes at once. Firstly, they help to lessen the amount of stress one is facing. Secondly, they act as promotional products and help to create good will among common people. Thirdly, bright and colorful stress balls can also be used to decorate the room. They maintain a positive vibe within the room.

The ‘Sunflower in Pot’ Stress Ball is a very useful item. It is painted in bright colors of yellow, green and brown and can add a new dimension to your desk. You can imprint the message that you want to convey to all on the pot within an area of 1" x 1/2" or in the back of the flower which has a 1" diameter. This kind of stress ball can be a perfect summer gift for your dear ones. You will have to spend only $50 as the setup charge of this trendy item.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Promotional Optimus Stainless Bottle – An all-purpose sturdy bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are perfect options for you if you are looking for some sturdy water bottles. They are the most heavy weight bottles in comparison to plastic or aluminium bottles. That’s why they are also very durable and are used for a range of different purposes. Durability is one of the plus points of stainless steel bottles, and no matter how much you manhandle them they can withstand a great deal of abuse. Stainless steel bottles can also endure extremities of temperature and you can insulate the bottle if you wish to. As these bottles are made of stainless steel, they will never rust. Another most important quality of steel is that it can be cleaned easily, and it is this characteristic that makes stainless steel bottle most safe to use. These bottles are also very elegant and sleek.

The Promotional Optimus Stainless Bottle is not just a trendy promotional product but also a very useful item, especially for sports. It is a highly recommended sports bottle. The item has a size of 2.74''L x 10.74''H and a volume of 26 oz. The lid of the bottle is textured to facilitate a better grip. If you want, you can attach a carabiner to the lid for your benefit. Because the bottle has a large opening, you can easily clean the bottle or fill it. The set up charge for the product is $55. In case you want to deboss or stamp it with your brand, the charges will be $62.50 for each location and each color. We can deliver this product in 5 business days.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Promotional 25 oz. Clean-Cut Aluminium Bottle replaces old plastic bottles!

When you think of the two words “water bottle” what does pop to your mind first? Had it been fifteen twenty years back, images of cheap plastic bottles would have cropped in your mind. But nowadays, when there is a modernized version of everything in the market, water bottles also do not lag behind. Water bottles have huge demand in every market and especially in the sports market. While choosing bottles, one has to carefully consider certain points. Firstly, plastic bottles are to be avoided as there are certain health risks related to it. Secondly plastic bottles also spoil the taste of the water to some extent. In order to avoid all these problems using metal bottles is the best option. Aluminium bottles are much more eco friendly, brings no health risks and are very hardy as well. Thus they are perfect to be taken to camping, hiking or in picnics other than being used as sports bottles. Also they come at very affordable rates so they can be used by anybody.

Promotional 25 oz. Clean-Cut Aluminium Bottle is a very sleek product and is much preferred by today’s youngsters. It is a bottle made of aluminium having single wall. In order to facilitate a better grip, the bottle is attached with a band of black rubber in the midway. The lid of the bottle is the twist-on type of black color and has color matched carabiner ring attached to it. This great promotional item has a size of 9-1/2”h x 2-7/8” diameter. You can imprint your company information on the upper (imprint area: 3/4”h x 2”w) or lower part (imprint area: 2”h x 2”w) of the bottle. This product will cost you only $50.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Give your garden that special touch of yours with the help of Promotional 2 in 1 Garden/Stool Bag

Do you have a beautiful garden and you want to adorn it with some beautiful stools? Well why not get such a product that will act not only as a garden stool but also as a garden bag! It will be a great twin product as well as a real space saver for you. These stools are really cute and absolutely comfortable to sit on. They are available in various colors, designs and patterns and they add a lot of vibrancy and color to the beautiful landscape of your garden. On the other hand, a garden bag is also a very useful item. Gardening involves usage of different kinds of products and storing of all these items take up some amount of space. By using a garden bag, you can save space to a great extent.

Promotional 2 in 1 Garden Stool/Bag is just the type of item needed in today’s households. It is a perfect equipment for your garden. The stool is very durable and can carry weight up to 200 pounds. It also has a garden bag which is detachable. The garden bag is made of 600D nylon so it guarantees toughness. The bag is made waterproof so that your necessary materials don’t get ruined by water or any such thing. This comprehensive equipment has a size of 12 1/2''h X 11''w X 16 1/2''d. There is an area of 1 1/2"h x 2 1/2"w on the product where you can imprint the details of your company by different methods like PermaPatch, Geo-Panel, Embroidery and Silkscreen. You have to spend only $50 in order to acquire this item. We can deliver the product within 5 business days.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get the Promotional Park Picnic Blanket today to make your picnic a success

Organizing a picnic is not that much of a hassle if you have the right kind of equipment with you. Now in a picnic, sitting on grounds is only natural. But the problem is that the grounds of the park remain wet with dew most of the time. In these cases, a waterproof picnic blanket is an ideal option to carry to picnics. They are quite low priced items that can help you prevent your lovely picnic outfit from getting ruined. Usually, a majority of these blankets come with an advantage that they can be folded and stored in shape of a bag, and help in economizing space. These kinds of blankets are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, so it is easy for the customers to choose any according to one’s requirements. Such a blanket protects not only your clothing but also your food from the different impurities that are there on the picnic grounds.

The Promotional Park Picnic Blanket is great equipment. It can be an ideal picnic gift set. This blanket is made of polyester fleece and the lining is made of foam. The bottom side of the blanket is covered with PVC in order to resist water. It can be folded to look like a bag and can be carried with the help of the handle. The flap in the front has a pocket where you can keep the essentials for your picnic. This item has a size of 49"W x 52"H when it is opened, and 12"W x 6-1/2"H x 4"D when it is closed. You can embroider the name of your company on the item within an area of 3"W x 2-1/4"H or silkscreen it within an area of 8"W x 2-3/4"H. This trendy and useful product will cost you only $45 for every color.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Grill Master Apron Kit is here! So, Chill and Grill!

Grilling is every chef’s passion. But it is a work full of hassles. There are always dangers of spoiling the shirt or dress you are wearing, and at the same time, you cannot guarantee that you won’t spoil your clothes at the time of grilling. Thus, the best option is to wear an apron on the clothes you are wearing. This is surely going to keep you neat and clean even after you have grilled a great deal. In many cases, an apron not only acts as a shield against unwanted stains, but also as a kit where the chef can keep all his important belongings. While grilling or doing any other type of cooking, it is necessary that all the tools are kept within easy reach. An apron with multiple pockets helps a chef in doing exactly this!

The Promotional Grill Master Apron Kit is just the right kind of item needed in today’s busy life. It is a very comprehensive kit. You can easily carry this kit if you going for a barbeque picnic in your nearby park. The kit contains one apron, a bottle opener which is detachable, a towel and padded gloves for your oven. At the front of the apron, there are many pockets where you can store all your important utility stuff. The pockets are insulated so that if you keep any cold beverage in it, it will remain cold. The apron has a separable neck strap and there are tie strings on the sides. You can easily clean the apron in a washing machine. This all inclusive kit will cost you only $55 for every color you choose.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Promotional Golf Ball Mints – a cool and fun item!

Golf is a sport that requires tremendous physical strength. Not only that, golf demands that the player keep up his energy level constantly. This is where mints play a very important role. They keep the golf players fresh and motivated. It has been seen that golf and mint has a very ancient relationship. Different products made of mint have always been useful to golfers. For instance, mint oil is used to treat back pain, golfers elbow and many other ailments regarding the posture of the body. Then, there is mint tea, which is also recommended for golfers as they have a refreshing value and energize the drinker. So, it is evident that mint in some form of the other has always been helpful to golfers. Peppermint is a candy which has a mint flavor. It is famous among not only golfers, but in general as well. It can not only be served as candy, but also as a mouth freshener and stimulant.

Promotional Golf Ball Mints are a great promotional item. These are available in a round container created in the shape of a golf ball filled with small peppermints. It is a very cool item to give away, and because of the golf ball shape of the container, it acts as a perfect gift for golfers. The container has dimensions of 1.5" diameter and 1.25" height. There is an imprint area of 0.75"w x 0.5"h on this mint item where you can emboss the name and other information about your company using the screen print method. This trendy promotional item will cost you only $50 to set up.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Golf Cooler Kit w/Wilson Ultra Golf Ball - A necessity for all golfers

A golf cooler bag is a must have item for all golfers. It is a very helpful accessory. For instance, while you are playing golf, it is very natural that you will feel thirsty. However, if you carry a golf cooler bag, you can easily store your drinks and ice in the bag, which will quench your thirst whenever you feel dehydrated. These coolers are insulated that will keep the heat outside. They are water proof as well. As they are made of a soft material, they can be stored in your golf bag easily. Other than these coolers, the golf kit can also hold golf drivers, balls, irons, tees, towels, putter, etc. These bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles from which you can choose any. They can be made of canvas, plastic or nylon.

Our Promotional Golf Cooler Kit w/Wilson Ultra Golf Ball is a comprehensive item. It includes everything that is necessary for a golfer. It consists of a golf cooler bag which is designed to keep your drinks chilled. There is a golf towel of 15" x 18" dimensions along with a hook and a grommet. It also includes eight tees that have dimensions of 2-3/4". A divot repair tool is also included. It has a holder for holding foam cans. This trendy golf cooler kit also consists of three Wilson Ultra golf balls. Other models for golf balls are also available. The balls have a diameter of 7/8" where you can imprint information about your company. The price of the product takes into account printing of one or two colors and single pole imprint on the golf ball. Every other item can be imprinted in single ink color.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Facing a problem in keeping your drink chilled? Here is an ideal solution!

Can coolers or koozies – they are one and the same. They are immensely useful products and are favorites among those who love chilled drinks. They enable you to enjoy your favorite chilled drink anywhere, anytime. At times, people make a common mistake to label them as beer koozies. Admittedly, can koozies do keep beer cold as well. However, they are efficient in carrying and keeping any type of drink cold. You can cool carbonated refreshments and water as well. A koozie can even keep your coffee hot. Just like your koozie can give you the pleasure of a chilled drink, it can keep your coffee hot as well. These are usually made of polyester, neoprene, foam or plastic, and are available in different styles, designs and colors and as such, act as great promotional items.

Our Promotional 4-Color Process Performance Koozie(R) Can Kooler is undoubtedly a very trendy product likely to win many hearts. It can be used as an effective promotional item as it gives you the opportunity to portray your message more meaningfully with the help of a 4-color process. Baseball, soccer, basketball and football are among the chief sports themes that can be displayed on it. You can suggest some background of your own as well. This can cooler has a size of 3-3/4"w x 5-1/4"h. There is an imprinting area of 3-3/4"w x 5-1/4"h on two sides, where you can use maximum four colors. You can use sublimation as a method to imprint your company information. It can be customized as well. The setup charge of the item is just $50, and we can deliver the product in just seven days.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Promotional Malibu 18 Can Cooler – Stay chilled even in the scorching sun

With the summer approaching it is time for drinks to be popular again. But one genuine problem is that often drinks are hard to find while travelling on a deserted road. This is where can coolers can come to your rescue! Buy drinks from your local supermarket, store them in these can coolers, and you are all set to go out. Can coolers are amazingly helpful products. They are portable, and that is why can be easily carried from one place to another. A can cooler keeps the drink chilled, just the way you like it. This product is ideal to take along while going for camping, hiking, trekking, cycling or just simple picnics. A can cooler can make a great gift. It is very unique and well thought of. Can coolers are a perfect way to beat the scorching sun.

The Promotional Malibu 18 Can Cooler is a very trendy product and a perfect carrier for your drinks. It has a beverage pocket in the side mesh. It also has a velcro pocket in the front where you can keep your essentials. The item is made of 600D polyester material. That’s why the product is so durable and can be taken to long trips without any fear of damage. You can adjust the shoulder strap according to your needs. The inner lining of this cooler bag is foam, which prevents the outside heat from going in. You can imprint your company information by different methods like embroidery, perma-patch, silkscreen or geo-panel on an area of 2"h x 4"w. The product has a size of 9''h X 12''w X 9 1/2''d. You have to spend just $50 for the setup of this useful product.

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