Monday, March 21, 2011

A Fit & Healthy Full Fitness Journal – A trustworthy companion in today’s rat race

The Food and Fitness journal is a must have for you if you are striving hard to lose weight. It is very important to keep note of everything you eat and every fitness activity you do so that you understand exactly how much more you need to work out. You can write in your journal any time of the day you work out but be careful not to miss out a single day. The food and fitness journal helps you to chalk out a plan and evaluate that plan at the end of every week. The journal is your most non-judgmental companion where you can write down any problems you face honestly.

Fit & Healthy Full Fitness Journal is a very helpful item. There is no other tool that will help you better than this to keep a track of daily exercise and amount of food consumption. Any dieter or fitness enthusiast can find great use of it. This journal comes adorned with a blue as well as a white cover design which you can choose from. The size of this closed journal is 6”w x 9”h, which when opened becomes 12”w x 9”h. You can imprint your company logo using the offset method on the front cover within an area of 4"w x 1"h, using four different colors. The journal costs only $50. By spending only $0.16, you will get a gift envelop with it, and for $0.30, the journal comes inserted within the gift envelop. You can also get plain envelopes at $0.14 apiece, and for $0.28, the journal can be inserted within the plain envelop. We are ready to ship this product within seven days.

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