Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roadside Auto Sets are Excellent Promo Treats!

There are a number of ways and tools to advertise and promote your company. Useful promotional gifts are adored more than any other gifts. Auto accessories, in recent times, are gaining popularity in marketing your business. They are inexpensive and usable advertising giveaways, besides pens and other promo products. Your clients, customers, employees and business personnel will truly enjoy using these customized products.

The Promotional Roadside Auto Set is a handy gift that the receiver will cherish. This alluring set has an aluminium tire gauge that can measure about 50 PSI and an aluminium safety light which yields 5 white color LED spotlights on pushing a button. The highly advanced Roadside set further consists of 4 Red flashing LED lights for emergency purposes and 4 LED flashes of light for perimeter lighting. You can easily attach this Roadside set to any metal surface, and also to your car, because it is provided with a magnetic bottom. Isn’t it is great to have such a versatile and practical set?

In this set, you will find a mini version of the popular Roadside safety light (FL57). This auto set includes 2 AAA batteries together with a Carrera Ballpoint Pen. Using an aluminium-made ballpoint pen can be a fascinating task! For imprinting your logo on this functional auto set (1 1/8''h X 7 1/2''w X 2 7/8''d), you can use laser engraving or silkscreen technology on an area of 1"h x 2"w. This light weight auto accessory weighs just 0.57 pounds and is presented before you in a white sleeve packaging. This customized set is ready to be shipped in 5 business days.

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