Thursday, February 10, 2011

Level Light Screwdriver Pen – A Promotional Gadget Pen

While selecting your business promotional gifts, have you ever thought of any hardware items? Does this sound unnatural to you? There are plenty of these items that can well promote your brand image. You will get a vast array of varieties in hardware based gift items. You know, there are even some items which are designed in a manner to suit your business purposes.

One such unconventional promotional item is the Level Light Screwdriver Pen. You must be familiar with conventional pens – a perfect advertising opportunity. Screwdriver pens have many styles and shapes, and they are readily adaptable for removing screws. The pen is accompanied by toys, stress relievers and stress balls. These are excellent tools for promoting your company.

You will see that the structure of this screwdriver pen is a bit more rugged than the other conventional pens you come across. Do you know why? The reason is this is that promotional pens have to have a strong structure to function as a working tool. These pens are handy in so many situations – you will get a pen along with a usable screwdriver. This pen is available in black and silver color. For customizing these pens, an area of 3" x 3/8" sides is accessible.

The setup charge of this small sized item (5-1/2" x 3/4" x 1") is only $50.00. This customized product weighs only 0.13 pounds. This handy and user-friendly pen is ready to be shipped in 5 business days. But in case you require a rush delivery of these pens, you can get it in 3 days.

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