Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Make Driving Long Distances Much More Fun with this Car Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

Travel as well as outdoor accessories has many different varieties when it comes to corporate gifts. There are Miscellaneous Auto Accessories which make long drives more pleasurable as well as comfortable for you. These are low cost as well as have great functional uses.

Take a look at this Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter which is compact as well as lightweight. It is easy to carry as well as store. It helps to turn a car’s power outlet into 12-volt power outlet, not one but three in numbers. Mobile phones as well as laptops have become indispensable in the busy schedules we live today. This lighter adaptor is perfect to keep your phone, laptop, portable GPS units as well as DVD Players well charged while you are on the move. The product weighs just 0.33 pounds and hence it is light enough to fit into your backpack. This product can be used as a promotional gift also as it offers sufficient space for personalising it using the “ColorPrint” method. The one time setup charge for the stamp or deboss is only $62.50 per colour per set-up. This product can be readied for delivery within 5 business days.

You can get this Adaptor for as less as $5.98 per unit for a minimum order quantity of 59 units and for 600 units or more the cost can go as low as $4.93 only. Make cross country drives and road travel a lot more fun with this car adaptor and order your stock now!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Make this Studio Plus Knife Block, a Kitchen Wonder into a Great Corporate Gift

Just like travel and outdoor accessories, kitchen accessories also make great gift items. Most business houses generally tend to prefer giving gifts which serve a promotional purpose also. This Studio Plus Knife Block is just what you need if you have been looking for a good business promotional gift this season!

All knives used in this block or set are carved in premium quality stainless steel. These utensils/Knives are FDA compliant. The knives come with handles which is triple riveted and made up of Manchurian Ash. The set consists of four knives being a utility knife, a Santoku knife, a chef knife and even a bread knife. All the knives come housed in a hardwood block. The entire product just weighs 2.29 pounds and is ready to be shipped to you in just 5 business days.

If you have made up your mind to use these knives as a gift set, you can even use hardwood block to imprint with your company logo or name. You can imprint on it using Laser Engraving method. The minimum order quantity of the product is 24 units and at the price of $29.02 per knife set. The price per unit can even get more attractive if your order quantity goes up to 249 units or more. Then the product will be available to you for a mere $24.07 per unit.

This knife block will have immense use to whosoever receives it since it has the knives which you might require in a domestic kitchen. Also, it comes with the attractive wooden block and hence makes for an awesome promotional gift.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wine and Dine in Style- with this black Napa Wine Carrier

Here is the holiday season and the right season when everyone prefers to wine and dine! So, whether it is a Thanksgiving Dinner with family or you have been invited by friends or acquaintances over, if you are planning to carry the old vintage wine you have only recently set your eyes as well as taste buds on...do so in style. Use wine carriers as you get a host of wine carriers across stores online and offline. Some come with wine bottle openers, wine bottle stoppers and corkscrews and some come with ample insulations.

Look at this Napa Wine Carrier which comes in a chic black color. This zippered wine carrier is padded extra to protect your bottle from breakage and thereby easing your task. It also includes a special pouch which carries a convenient wine bottle opener. This carrier weighs only 2.32 pounds and needs a production time of about 7 to 10 working days. The cost per wine carrier is $19.99 for a minimum order of 25 carriers and goes down to $16.21 for a minimum order quantity of 250 units.

You can personalize this wine carrier for a set up cost of $50.00 using imprinting methods like screen printing or heat transfer methods. If you order it today, the product would be ready for shipping in minimum 10 days. Enjoying wine is a delight and if you are planning to carry your own spirits to a family reunion this holiday season, then do carry your wine in style in this awesome wine carrier!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cutter & Buck® Performance Writing Pad- Organizes your Work Schedule Better

The trend in corporate gift giving in this holiday season is more towards personalized items which have good functional usage and are also affordable. Even if you opt for something expensive, personalization is the key to successful corporate gifting. Of these, organizers as well as planners and writing pads are something which would always be useful to the one who receives them. Padfolios, another name for these writing pads, belong to an array of executive writing pads which come with a folio. This folio has space to include a few visiting cards and a pen also. To add a touch of class, most of these padfolios are leather bound and are a great way to organize a working day full of meetings and a hectic schedule.

This Cutter & Buck® Performance Writing Pad is one such great business promotional gift. It comes bound in black leather and has an open front pocket. This small but helpful organizer has enough space to carry the things you would need handy during your work day. It includes four business card holders, document pockets, a leather pen loop to hold your favourite writing instrument, meshed window and even two leather loops meant to carry USB memory. Whatever you scribble through your work day is protected by the paper pad banner cover.

This product weighs 2.20 pounds and costs $54.98 a unit for a minimum order quantity of 6 units. You can avail of great reduced prices if you order larger quantities, with the price coming down to $44.58 for 100 units. You can personalize this gift using various imprinting methods ranging from Deboss to metal embossing. So move away from mundane ideas and opt for this rich personalized corporate gift this year which can be ready for delivery within a mere 5 business days only.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Exclusive Timepiece Which Never Goes Out of Trend- Chrome Spinner Clock

Selective and exclusive gifts are always something people are looking out for to use these ideas as personalized and business promotional gift items. There are new trends every year which become a rage with that year holiday season but by the end of that year, people start looking out for newer ideas. When it comes to evergreen corporate gifts with a lasting impression, you cannot go wrong with Desk Accessories like Desk Clocks and Globes.

This Chrome Spinner Clock is one such gift which will never fail to impress the receiver and last through many years. It can accessorize any office desk and also adorn your table in your study at home. It looks magnificent and has a nice aura about it.

This Desk Clock comes in silver metal base which appears shiny and it can be spun around in the frame which you can find attached to its base. This timepiece does not need mechanical winding and the silver appearance makes it look all the more exquisite. The product weighs just 0.50 pounds but is sturdy enough. You can order this clock at a price of $24.18 for a minimum order quantity of at least 25 desk clocks. The price per unit goes down if you order in bulk and if you have a requirement of 250 units, this is surely a steal at a mere $20.06 a unit!

You can even customize the gift since it offers an imprint area which you can use to get your company’s logo or a desired emblem imprinted via silkscreen imprinted method. The screen charge is $50.00 only per color/style/position.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Impress Your Clients and Business Associates with this Color Band Executive Portfolio

This Color Band Executive Portfolio with matching front inserts is the perfect idea for a promotional gift! This portfolio is presented with a ballpoint pen, ruled note pad, and inside pocket, all in matching colors. There is also a dual power calculator having raised rubber keypads and a large display screen. You will get this portfolio in attractive, contrasting colors of red, silver, lime, orange, green and blue.

The product is of optimum size of 8-5/8”h x 7”w x 1” with an imprint screen area including a debossed area of 2"h x 4"w and a silkscreen area of 6"h x 3"w in measurement. Isn’t it a perfect gift? The price includes one position/one color of silkscreen imprint area. If you are willing to have this promotional item, you have to bear a screen charge of $50 per style/color/position. However, if you repeat your order, an amount of just $35 per style/position/color has to be paid.

You are sure to get prompt service round the clock. Once you order these stylish portfolios, shipping is guaranteed on-time. This product is ready to be shipped in 10 business days. Deboss production time needed is 12 to 15 days after proofs have been approved. A minimum debossing cost of $1.25 for each unit and $100 for tooling is to be paid. This exclusive portfolio is available at only 1.50 pounds per piece!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help Create More Awareness towards the Environment by Shunning Plastic and Paper Cups with this Double Wall Ceramic Tumbler

With more and more people becoming increasingly “going green” when it comes to using travel accessories and corporate gifts, ceramic mugs and tumblers are becoming an attractive option to be used as promotional gifts. Ceramic utensils and ware have no negative effects on the environment and are better than paper cups and mugs. Ceramic coffee mugs and tumblers not only come in attractive designs as well as colors, they can be reused after washing and hence can be recycled also.

Like this Double Wall Ceramic Tumbler which comes with a vinyl sleeve matching lid and can be a great corporate gift or business promotional gift this season. It is any day a better option that plastic cups or paper cups which just add to the pollution and environment damage around us. What is the best feature about these tumblers is that fit most corporate coffee machines and hence can be used inside your office premises also. This product weighs a mere 1.06 pounds with a capacity of 14 oz. and costs only $10.66 per piece for a minimum order of 48 tumblers. It is available in attractive colors like Black, Brown, Blue and Red. You can even personalize or customize it with a stamping or Deboss method to see your company’s name or logo on it!

If you have been looking for ideas to help you find the right holiday gift for this season, then you can always opt for this product out of all the various Travel Mugs & Tumblers. Not only is it true value for money, it has a great utility function and will be a pleasure to use for all your business associates, customers, clients and even employees.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Varsity 16oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler - Enjoy your Cold Beverages in the No-Spill Way

Travel accessories make for great giveaways as well as holiday gifts. There are various different types of travel accessories available in the markets and even on the internet. You can definitely find something to suit your requirements as well as budgets. Travel Mugs & Tumblers make for some nice travel accessories which come handy while traveling on road or even when hiking. The best advantage of using travel accessories as holiday gifts or business promotional and corporate gifts is that you can be sure the product would have immense functional values. Trvel accessories are useful to people across all age groups.

Take a look at this Varsity 16oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler which comes with a straw making drinking out of it all the more fun. You can enjoy your hot as well as cold beverages in this awesome and colorful tumbler which is safe and prevents spillage since it comes with a spill resistant gasket. So you need worry about the mess when traveling, biking, driving or hiking! The straw also comes in matching colors and its sure-ring prevents loss of liquids. The tumbler comes in pretty translucent colors like Blue, Green Lime, Orange, Purple, Smoke, Red and even a clear version. The tumbler is great to keep your beverages cold and it weighs just 0.62 pounds.

If you want to customize it to use it as a business promotional gift item, you can use screen printing methods to imprint your company’s name as well as logo. The product comes at an attractive price of only $5.50 for a minimum order quantity of 64 tumblers and it requires only about ten business days to be readied once you have ordered it.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Gift this Everyday Necessity- Push-Button Aluminum Flashlight

Come the festive season and families as well as friends all look-out for brighter days which are so rare during the Christmas and the New Year. Also, with traveling and celebrations, is the custom of gift giving which becomes a task for corporate houses which are looking for new promotional gifts each year. This year, you can opt to give your business associate as well as employees a Push-Button Aluminum Flashlight.

Amongst all New Promotional Products this season, this aluminum Flashlight is the most important accessory in any given situation. Whether you are planning to go hiking, scuba diving, beach lounging or just camping, this flashlight comes handy since it is compact, durable as well as sturdy.

Since it is lightweight, it eases carriage and transportation. It comes in a rich enamel color finish body with a metallic tinge. The accents are decorative and dimpled and the 9 bright LED bulbs will never let you down in darkness. This flashlight is easy to use since it comes with a black push button which is big in size. The flashlight includes a black strap as well as batteries and weighs a mere 0.19 pounds.

If you are wondering about customizing it, then it has an imprint area so you can either choose to use screen printing or engraving options to personalize it with your company name and logo. These attractive flashlights come in four colors being Black, Silver, Blue and Red. You can order it for an attractive price of $2.89 for a minimum order quantity of 250 units. It can be ready to be delivered in just 10 business days.

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