Sunday, November 28, 2010

Make this Studio Plus Knife Block, a Kitchen Wonder into a Great Corporate Gift

Just like travel and outdoor accessories, kitchen accessories also make great gift items. Most business houses generally tend to prefer giving gifts which serve a promotional purpose also. This Studio Plus Knife Block is just what you need if you have been looking for a good business promotional gift this season!

All knives used in this block or set are carved in premium quality stainless steel. These utensils/Knives are FDA compliant. The knives come with handles which is triple riveted and made up of Manchurian Ash. The set consists of four knives being a utility knife, a Santoku knife, a chef knife and even a bread knife. All the knives come housed in a hardwood block. The entire product just weighs 2.29 pounds and is ready to be shipped to you in just 5 business days.

If you have made up your mind to use these knives as a gift set, you can even use hardwood block to imprint with your company logo or name. You can imprint on it using Laser Engraving method. The minimum order quantity of the product is 24 units and at the price of $29.02 per knife set. The price per unit can even get more attractive if your order quantity goes up to 249 units or more. Then the product will be available to you for a mere $24.07 per unit.

This knife block will have immense use to whosoever receives it since it has the knives which you might require in a domestic kitchen. Also, it comes with the attractive wooden block and hence makes for an awesome promotional gift.

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