Monday, October 18, 2010

K3A Maglite & Multi-Tool Set- Useful and Sleek

Are you looking for a promotional business gift to excite your clients and employees? Have you ever thought of gifting them with K3A Maglite & Multi-Tool Set? It is one of the best ideas when you are concerned with business gift items. It does not only serve to advertise your company’s logo but you will also feel good by gifting something which has tremendous functional utility and is much sleeker than other Flashlights, Knives & Tools.

With a mini K3A Maglite and eleven-function multi-tool pack, you will have a perfect promotional gift set for your organisation. Customise this gift set with your company’s logo and your client will remember you whenever they use it. You will also get a battery with this gift box. The unique function, durability, quality, dependability and design of Maglite flashlight will surely impress your clients and customers. The flashlights easily fit in pockets or purses while the multi-tool kit is always handy. The interesting part is that this product does not have any additional cost. This magnificent gift pack is only 0.32 pounds. It is amazingly light weighted! We can easily ship it in 5 business days to you.

What is more is that you will get this product at quite a reasonable rate. Rush to the market and get this beautifully designed tool set! If you want to order this excellent gift set and want to customise it, the minimum order amount should not be less than $350 amount. You should keep in mind that this cost is calculated excluding the shipping amount. Give your employees and customers the benefit of using a handy tool kit!

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