Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheap, Cool and Immensely Useful- Business Card Ice Scraper

An Ice Scraper is basically used to remove, ice, snow as well as frost from windows, glass doors and car windows. Most scrapers have a plastic blade but, some even opt for scrapers with metallic blades. If you are scouting for innovative corporate gift ideas then you can gift this Business Card Ice Scraper to your business associates as well as clients this season. It is the most ideal business promotional gift idea since it is a business card cum ice scraper.

This is ideal for your car’s wind shied and you do need to carry a heavy duty ice scraper anymore. It is easy to carry in your pocket or wallet and though it is compact, it is durable. This product is available in black, blue, red and white colors. It allows you to imprint on it your business details and serves as a great business card as well. With this gift, you can be sure of good visibility since ice scrapers have immense functional utility for everyone. The imprint area is 2 5/8 inches X 1 1/2 inches. You can use maximum of four colors to imprint on this scraper.

The best part is that this product is not very heavy, unlike most ice scrapers and its compact nature, makes it an ideal corporate gift. The weight of the product is only 0.03 pounds and it can be readied to be shipped within just 3 business days.

If you are looking for a gift to fit your budget, this is it, since it comes for a price as low as $0.68 for a minimum order quantity of 515 scrapers. Do rush in to order, since winters are fast approaching and ice scrapers would be just the gift you have been looking for!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cherish the Photos of Your Loved Ones Even At Work with this Photo Globe

With Christmas and the holiday season around the corner, there is a great demand for business promotional gift items which would be ideal as gifts for families. Desktop items are always very popular when it comes to corporate gifts and so, people who are looking at innovative designs can take a look at this Photo Globe.

Amongst all Desktop Novelty Items, this Photo Globe seems to be a very new concept and it is guaranteed that those who receive it would treasure it. It is a trendy accessory and allows an insert area for your photo 1 ¾” x 2 ¾” in size. It comes in a clear front with the base as well as the back in black color. This gift item is compact in size which is just 2 ¼” x 4 ¼” in size. The weight of this desktop accessory is only 0.69 pounds and you can even personalize it to use it as a great business promotional item.

The imprint area is 1 3/8” x 1/2” and you can imprint the item using normal printing techniques. The one time set up charge for personalizing this gift item is only $31.25 and you can avail a maximum of only 2 imprint colors. If you want this Photo Globe, it can be ready for delivery within just 3 business days only. The minimum order quantity is 104 units for a neat per unit price of $3.38 only. If you can order 2,544 or more, than you can take the benefit of good rates which are as low as $2.71 only.

Remember, if you want to treasure the photos of your loved ones and want to have one even on your work table, this photo globe can be a nice desktop/ table top accessory.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Gift Which Shows Warmth and Care- Nice-n-Cozy Fleece Gift Set

A nice corporate gift which can keep you warm- a Nice-n-Cozy Fleece Gift Set, is what you can use to celebrate this season with innovative corporate gifts. Come winters and people start struggling to find nice Christmas and Thanksgiving Gifts. This is one gift set which is different and has a personal touch to it.

It comes in bold colors like black, blue, red and green. The material used is 100% polyester anti-pill fleece and it comprises of a pair of fingerless gloves which come with mitten tops to keep one extra warm. These mitten tops can be removed whenever not required. The set also consists of a scarf and a beanie. All these items are nicely packed together in a drawstring pouch which comes in matching fleece. This pouch makes the set all the more convenient to be carried while travelling.

This Fleece Gift Set is a nice novel gift idea and is different from the normal gifts like Caps & Hats which people generally tend to gift during the winters. What makes this gift more attractive is that you can personalize it since it offers space which you can imprint on. The pouch, the hat and even the scarf can be imprinted with your company logo and name, making it a great business promotional gift item. You can get the company logo and name embroidered on them and the price of the product includes the cost of embroidery using up to 9 thread colors.

This product weighs only 0.56 pounds and you can get it for as low as $14.51 for a minimum order quantity of 50 fleece sets. In case you order around 2,500 sets, the price can even go down to $11.53 per unit. Gift this warm Fleece Set and see the after-glow on your clients and employees.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gift this Reed Diffuser – It is a Safe and Environment-friendly Business Gift

There is a recent trend towards gifting Spa & Personal Care Products to clients, customers and more so to employees. Gifting discount vouchers or gift vouchers which the receiver can redeem as per his convenience is a popular idea. Many corporate houses use imprinted spa personal care products and gift baskets which have been customized to be used as business promotional gift items. Another innovative idea to be used as a business gift is opting for this amazing Reed Diffuser.

The Reed Diffuser is the best alternative used in place of aroma candles. There is simply no risk of fire or damage associated with it and these are environment friendly gifts, which will do well for your ‘green’ corporate image. This Reed Diffuser comes in Vanilla and Lavender scents and includes 8 reeds which are natural colored. They come in a nice gift box which can be imprinted with your company’s logo or name.

These diffusers are used for their healing as well as therapeutic values. They belong to a range aromatic products, which not only make the surrounding air pleasant, but it also helps in curing certain ailments in a holistic manner. For those who always thought that bamboo or wood sticks worked better as diffusing sticks were misinformed. It is reed diffusers which last longer and work with varied different scents.

This product will be available to you at the minimum quantity price of only $5.70 which will go as low as $4.61 if you order more than 1000 units. The minimum order quantity though is 61 units only. If you order it, it will be ready to be shipped in about 7 days maximum and is available in blue as well as purple colors. It weighs only 0.27 pounds but packs a lot of use to make it a good value for money.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

K3A Maglite & Multi-Tool Set- Useful and Sleek

Are you looking for a promotional business gift to excite your clients and employees? Have you ever thought of gifting them with K3A Maglite & Multi-Tool Set? It is one of the best ideas when you are concerned with business gift items. It does not only serve to advertise your company’s logo but you will also feel good by gifting something which has tremendous functional utility and is much sleeker than other Flashlights, Knives & Tools.

With a mini K3A Maglite and eleven-function multi-tool pack, you will have a perfect promotional gift set for your organisation. Customise this gift set with your company’s logo and your client will remember you whenever they use it. You will also get a battery with this gift box. The unique function, durability, quality, dependability and design of Maglite flashlight will surely impress your clients and customers. The flashlights easily fit in pockets or purses while the multi-tool kit is always handy. The interesting part is that this product does not have any additional cost. This magnificent gift pack is only 0.32 pounds. It is amazingly light weighted! We can easily ship it in 5 business days to you.

What is more is that you will get this product at quite a reasonable rate. Rush to the market and get this beautifully designed tool set! If you want to order this excellent gift set and want to customise it, the minimum order amount should not be less than $350 amount. You should keep in mind that this cost is calculated excluding the shipping amount. Give your employees and customers the benefit of using a handy tool kit!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Gift this Sleek 25 oz. Clean-cut Aluminium Bottle – For Clean and Hygienic Drinking Water

If you are planning to gift your clients, employees and colleagues something which promotes good health and well-being, and at the same time is eco-friendly, then you can go for this 25 oz. Clear-cut Aluminium Bottle!

Keep aside plastic bottles and switch onto aluminium bottles. They are designed in such way that you can go on using it. Do you like your clients to display your company’s logo even when they are at gym? Then customise these New Promotional Products. If you customise these eco-friendly water bottles, they not only serve as promotional products but also in a way help in advertising your business. Don’t you think it is a great idea!

These wonderful water bottles are singled walled, 2-Tone bottles that are easy to grip because of its carabiner top. The bottles get an impressive look with its black colored twist-on lid along with a loop. You will get these bottles in various fascinating colours. Their unique styles and designs are sure to suit the taste of your organisation and your clients as well. Keep your clients hydrated throughout the summer season!

These designer bottles charge $50 for each position, colour or style and it takes about 10 days to manufacture these bottles. These inexpensive aluminium bottles are the perfect giveaway to enhance your promotion. The weight of these bottles are not very much, its just 0.48 pounds. Just place your order and you will receive it on any day as it is shipped in 10 business days. They are stylish and attractive to boot! So, do not wait anymore, choose these drinking bottles as your promotional gift!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Leatherette Tumbler/Vacuum Bottle Set- Gift This as a Promotional Item This Festive Season

Are you looking for a good quality promotional business gift item? Then a Leatherette Tumbler/Vacuum Bottle Set can be a good option for you. Your associates, employees and clients will surely love to receive such a useful gift. You will find a variety of colors and models in the market. Just grab any one of them for a fabulous gift! With so many options in colors ranging from Pink, Orange, Black, and Brown, to even Lime Green and baby blue and will be spoilt for choice.

You will get these Travel Mugs & Tumblers with a unique stainless steel tumbler having full PVC sleeve and stainless steel bottle. The bottle also has full PVC sleeve and double walls that provide you with insulation. The vacuum bottles are available in various colors which caters a stylish impression. The stainless steel lids of these bottles have a side lock system. So do not worry about spills! The leatherette carrying case with this classy drink-ware set is fully zipped and it comes in a wide range of colors, as blue, brown, orange, pink, burgundy, dark blue, green and black. Choose any of these luxurious leatherette cover for your gift bottles!

If you like to have this luxury drink-ware set along with screened imprint, you can also have it by just spending $50 as screen charge. You can also purchase the leatherette case separately if you like. The bottles are quite spacious and are capable of giving you lots of enjoyment. The price of this wonderful set involves one color and one location for one item. This unique gift set takes at least seven days to be produced. You will get different prices for different quantities. So, hurry up and gift your clients with this exclusive set and win their hearts!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Axis World Clock- A Thoughtful and Classic Timepiece

Desk Clocks or any timepiece for that matter will always be an excellent idea for a business promotional gift item. So is this Axis World Clock, a novel and innovative gift for your clients, associates as well as employees.

The foremost advantage of utilizing a desk clock or a table-clock as a promotional gift is that it allows you wider visibility, since you can be sure that whoever receives this gift will put it to good use. It has immense utility and it will give you the satisfaction related to gifting something which is really useful to everyone, regardless of age and profession.

This desk clock does not require you to wind it up, as it comes with a Quartz movement and offers analog display. The matte silver finish makes it all the more attractive and it has been crafted innovatively in a unique design. The product weighs only 1.39 pounds, which is really surprising since it is appears to be made up of a metal. It comes in silver color and looks awesome adorning any desk, be it in your study or office.

You can use this as a promotional gift item, since you can customize it using silkscreen imprinting methods. You can have your company logo/name imprinted on one side of the product. You can have the product ready to be delivered to your address within 10 business days. The minimum order quantity is at least 12 units and the minimum order price is $32.99 only.

Time Pieces are the safest bet when it comes to choosing an ideal corporate gift and so you can never regret choosing this innovative and sleek design.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Trendy Freestyle Messenger Bags- For People of All Ages

Bags can neither go out of fashion, nor out of use, till of course they are absolutely torn and tattered. This is why it is a great idea to use messenger bags, brief bags and tote bags as business promotional gifts. Not only do you get to imprint your company’s logo and name on it, you also gift something of good utility.

This Freestyle Messenger comes with a front flap and the flapover pocket in the front comes with a Velcro closure, which makes it easy to keep things safe, even when you are on the move. If you want to keep yourself hydrated, there is a meshed pocket included, which is meant for your water bottle. The main compartment comes with a zippered closure and it enables you to keep the things you need within easy reach. The presence of so many compartments and pockets makes it easy for you to organize things well before keeping them. Whether you carry it to work, gym or while biking, the adjustable straps make it easier for you to carry this bag. This messenger bag is available in two colors being Khaki and Black.

The best part about using messenger bags as corporate gifts is that it will be used by people of all ages. Students as well as adults find it very convenient to carry their personal as well as official belongings. These bags are good value for money and look trendy as well.

This product weight just 0.88 pounds and we can easily ship it in 5 business days to you. What is more is that it comes for a reasonable price ranging from $8.86 to $7.11 depending on the quantity you order. You can order an imprint as we use screen printing method to customize these bags. The minimum order quantity is 50 units.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A New Age Plug-In--The Credit Card Size USB WebKey for Tech-Friendly People on the Move

With new internet tools for business and gizmos that promise a new technology being churned out in the market every day, you would be fascinated by this product also. It enables a user to go directly to a website and is almost similar to a USB flash drive. The only difference being that it does not come with memory storage.

This Credit Card Size USB WebKey is easy to carry and can fit easily into your wallet also. It is designed trendily and is very durable. If you are frequently on the move, it is a great product to carry along as it allows you to access the net with easy connect and has very convenient features like plug and play and is easy to operate also. This tool has an advantage over a traditional standard web key as it goes straight to a website and does not use emulations which are used in a standard CD-Rom. It is a great product to be used for promoting products which your website is launching as it allows you to directly mail it to your customers and prospective clients.

This Custom Flash Drive is an awesome promotional product since it can has an imprint area which you can use personalize it with your company logo or name. The product only weighs 0.07 pounds and can be readily shipped to you within 15 working days. If you want to use it as a business promotional gift idea, the minimum business order value, to allow it to be customized is $350 only. One time set up charge is $100 which includes the imprinting on both the sides of the product. The minimum quantity price for the product is a mere $5.80 only.

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