Monday, September 13, 2010

Choose This Spa Gift Set to Win Hearts and Confidence of Your Employees as well as Clients

If you have already gifted chocolate baskets and wine baskets to your employees and clients, try a Spa gift basket this season. There are various spa gift baskets to choose from when it comes to pampering your clients with personal care products. You can try a Foot Fetish gift basket or a Spa Therapy basket. You can even opt for a spa gift which is ideal to be gifted to anyone irrespective of their gender. Try this Spa Gift Set which will allow the receiver which is very functional.

It consists of a nail brush, a loofah, pumice stone and an exfoliating gauze sponge which allow you to keep your body clean and feeling soft. Such gift sets from our Spa & Personal Care range will be liked by men and women alike and you will be sure that your clients and employees put it to good use. You can use it for promotional purposes by imprinting your company logo using Screen Printing method on the caddy which is made of natural wood. The product is easy to transport as all the contents are shrink wrapped and the whole product weighs just 0.80 pounds. Customizing this spa gift set will also not be too expensive as the one time set-up charge is $45.00 per color.

You can get the product ready to be shipped within 10 business days and you can get this awesome product for just $5.50 per set with a minimum quantity of just 64 units and the price can go down to $3.99 for an order quantity of 1000 units. Use this functional gift set to promote your business or convey your message to your employees and clients and see how easily you can win their confidence and hearts.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Get This Mini Aluminum LED Flashlight and Brace the ‘Dark’ With Its Awesome Brilliance

If you have been brain-storming for good quality promotional gifts which can have practical as well as functional uses, then you can opt for promotional Flashlights which can be ideal gifts for your existing or even potential customers. There are various options available in the markets and a variety of shapes to choose from.

This Mini Aluminum LED Flashlight is a great accessory to be carried with you on trekking or camping trips or even when you are at home or work. The best feature of this Flashlight is that it is brighter and long-lasting and consists of 9 LEDs which give your ‘ultra bright’ white light. Even if one LED burns out, all lights still function. This flashlight also includes AAA batteries. It has approximately 100,000 hours LED life cycle rating and you can choose an optional carry pouch to carry this flashlight in style, for just $0.60 extra.

The product is light and compact enough to be carried everywhere and since it is made of aluminum, it is sturdy enough to last you through years of rough usage. It comes in three colors- Blue, Red and Silver and can be customized by using Laser Engraving method to imprint your company logo/name on its sides. The optional pouch makes it more attractive.

The Setup Charge for this product is only $50.00 and a flashlight weighs a mere 0.22 pounds making it easy to ship it. You can order a minimum of 51 units to make the most of discounted quantity price of $6.89. So, grab this offer and ensure that you are never left out in the dark again!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ease and Comfort Makes this Captain’s Chair a Great Business Gift this Season

If you are looking for a distinctive product to serve as your next business promotional gift, you would love this promotional folding chair from our range of Games & Sports equipment as well as accessories. This fabulous Captain’s Chair offers you a lot of scope for personalization with multiple imprint areas on the chair and the carry bag.

It is not just a simple folding chair as it includes two can holders and a zippered pocket too. What is more is that it can be folded and carried with ease as it comes with a separate carrying case. The carry-case is made of nylon which makes it water resistant. The case has adjustable drawstrings and a strap to make it all the more easier to carry or hang the product while travelling. The chair comes in varied solid colors like black, red, royal blue, hunter green and navy blue. You can get your logo/company name imprinted with the aid of Heat Transfer or SpectraColor™ technique. This product is not too heavy at just 7 lbs considering its amazing features.

It can be used anywhere and at anytime, be it an office picnic, a barbeque, a beach party, a music concert or even at corporate outdoor events. Since it facilitates easy customization, you get maximum exposure as this captain’s chair ensures that your customers or employees would be using it due to its compactness and convenience. It offers a seating solution which is portable and comfortable. This sturdy folding chair is available at the minimum quantity price of $17.59 for a minimum order of 24 units only.

Order it now as it is one of the most exciting promotional gift ideas you can use for your clients as well as your employees.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Make This CD/MP3/AM/FM Radio Cooler with Great Utility Features Your Next Business Promotional Gift

If the idea of customizing a cooler bag or cooler kit top use as your business promotional gift does not excite you, you can check this CD/MP3/AM/FM Radio Cooler box which has the capacity to carry 30 cans or approximately 20 liters.

This cooler bag comes in a silver color which looks awesome and elegant and is certainly going to attract more attention than just a simple cooler kit. Whether you are planning a beach picnic or a camping trip or just a simple outing with family and friends, this cooler will be the right accessory for you! It is made of plastic and hence does not require much of maintenance. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry the box in style.

This bag comes from our range of majestic Radios and it consists of not just a cooler, but is equipped with CD and MP3 hook-up, an AM/FM radio, and auto power plug and stereo speakers! These features not only make this one of the most excellent promotional gift ideas, they have various utility functions and so, such a gift would always be loved by the receiver, whether it’s a client or an employee.

You can customize this product by imprinting your company name/logo using simple printing methods. The one time set-up charge is only $56.25. The minimum order quantity for this product is 6 units and the minimum order price is $125.76 only! This product weighs only 11 pounds and can be ready to be shipped within as less as just 7 business days.

So, make the most of this opportunity and grab this offer to impress your business clients or employees!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Face the Rugged Exteriors or Enjoy your Routine Work-Outs with this Trek Bottle- 20 oz

With so many choices available in the market today, aluminum sports bottles and water bottles are the perfect solution as it does not pose any health hazards which plastic bottles might. Not only are these lightweight and easy to carry, they can be ideal for anyone who is a sports enthusiast.

When it comes to ideas on business promotional gift items, you can try this Trek Bottle- 20 oz. which is an excellent choice. It is a single wall sports bottle which comes with a screw on lid. Its interior coating is also BPA free and it can easily be attached to any backpack with the help of a carabiner. It is ideal to wash this bottle by hand instead of a dish-washer. For those who want to carry their favorite sport drink along, this sport water bottle comes with a ‘drink-thru’ lid.

If you want, we can even add the carabiner, which is optional, for a small additional cost. These bottles come from our range of Water Bottles & Other Sports Bottles and you can choose from a range of five colors being-Blue, Metallic Black, Silver, Red and Green. There are umpteen choices you get with imprinting these and you can customize these sleek and awesome sports bottles using screen print or pad print. The weight of this bottle is only 0.36 pounds and it can ready to be shipped in just 5 working days. The minimum order quantity of these bottles is 84 units and the minimum order price is just $4.15!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picnic in Style with this Amazing Koozie (R) Six Pack Cooler

If you want to enjoy the luxury of a good meal or beverage when you are at outdoors, you can think of using cooler bags or cooler kits to carry your food and drinks safely and in style. A great way to carry your picnic staple is this Koozie (R) Six Pack Cooler from our majestic range of Cooler Bags.

This product is one of the most amazing and reasonable from our range of Picnic Coolers & Bags and you can easily customize it to make it an ideal business promotion gift or a seasonal gift for your employees. It has durable watertight construction and comes in 13 attractive colors ranging from a vivid apple green to a smoke gray.

These insulated coolers are a great way to save money as they allow you to carry your food from home. You do not have to depend on processed foods or delis anymore as you can enjoy home cooked meals wherever you go!

The imprint area which is available to you is sufficient to give you ample display space and you can customize it with screen printing. They are ideal for carrying office lunches as well as given away as gifts on the occasion of corporate lunches. It can hold a light lunch or has a capacity to carry up to six packs and weighs just 0.46 pounds. You can get it delivered to your door step at 5 business days only and it can be yours for just $3.08 if you order a minimum 114 units.

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