Monday, August 16, 2010

Wine Lover’s Gift Set- Gift Wine in Style with this Trendy Accessory

Insulated Wine Carry Bags, Wine Gift Sets and other wine and beverage accessories can be used to create personalized and customized as well as reasonably priced promotional gifts for your business. With wine becoming more popular each day with people across the globe, wine accessories have also gained importance with the wine lovers.

Try this new range of trendy Wine and Beverage Accessories and Wine Gift Sets. They serve as perfect promotional gift items. Take this Wine Lover’s Gift Set for example. It comes with everything except with the bottle of wine. So all you need to carry your wine and style and enjoy it without any hassles is this insulated cooler. It has the capacity to hold two bottles of your favorite wine and comes with a padded divider so you can be sure that your bottles are not damaged. It also comes with a corkscrew which can be used for multiple purposes. The Cooler Bag has a Velcro loop with which you can keep the corkscrew attached. The handle of the cooler is padded to allow easy grip and the bag has a non-slip base. It weighs just 0.83 pounds and with the ease of Logomagic, this can be used for dual branding also!

This gift set can be carried with ease to a picnic or even a trekking trip. You can even use it to gift wine to a friend or family. These wine coolers allow enough space and convenience to carry wine bottles. The padding on the handles and the insulation make it all the more attractive. You can also order these awesome wine gift sets to use them as business promotional gift items, because these are very affordable coming at just $11.98 for a minimum order quantity of 29 units.

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Blogger vash said...

These are taken with smart style which wont merely take your allies avid but are as well perfect for working char who would love to have a guess bags

October 25, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

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