Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wine Lovers’ Delight- Smooth Stemless Red Wine Glass- Set of 4

Just like there are various different types of wines, so are there different types of glassware in which you can enjoy your wine. There are glasses meant specifically to enjoy red wine, white wine, Sparkling wine, Dessert wine, etc. Glasses meant to enjoy Red Wine are rounder and have a shorter stem. Most people who know the art of wine drinking also know that to enjoy red wine in these glasses they need to hold it from the bowl and not the stem. For their rounder shape and shorter stems, these glasses have now come to be known as ‘goblets’. The new age design in red wine glasses have completely done away with the stem and now the trend is moving towards the stem-less red wine glass.

If you are looking for the right Coasters or Wine Accessories to use as a business promotional gift item, try this Smooth Stemless Red Wine Glass- Set of 4. You can use them for formal occasions or even casual lunches or get to-gathers with friends. They are sturdy enough for everyday use. Every wine lover’s delight, this glass set is a must-have for everyone who enjoys red wine. The capacity of each of the glasses is 21 oz. and if you are planning to customize these, you can do so easily using the front imprint area which can be deep-etched using Colorfill. The set-up charge is only $50.00 while the weight of the product is 5 pounds. You can get the best of price deals by ordering a quantity of 9 sets, which will work out to be just $38.80. You can either use deep etching or deep etching with color fill to customize these glass sets.

Enjoy your red wine in style with this chic stem-less wine glass set!

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