Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grill Master Barbeque Cooler Kit- Ideal for Enjoying a Lovely Barbeque on the Beach or even an Office Picnic

Everyone loves a barbeque at the local beach or park on a summer evening or a winter afternoon when one longs for the tender warmth of the sunshine. For that perfect promotional gift meant for recreational activities, this Grill Master Barbeque Kit is a stylish way to enjoy the corporate barbeque party at the beach.

Be it a picnic with your office colleagues or a picnic with your friends and family, this is a classy way to enjoy the grill and barbeque. It is compact enough to be carried anywhere and comes with a cooler. It has a large zippered back-pocket which carries a big table cloth so you do not mess the area you use for dining. It comes with all the barbeque accessories and tools like a stainless steel brush meant for the grill, tongs and a spatula. The front pocket is comes with all these barbeque components and can be zipped up to keep these things from spilling out. The main compartment is strong enough to store all the necessary items that might be required and the multiple pockets are ideal for storing the umpteen things you might need to enjoy the barbeque. The interior is heat-sealed and the table cloth is PEVA along with the inner lining. The kit comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and handles at the top which are comfortably large enough to hold.

This kit which is a part of our extensive range of Barbeque Sets has a carrying capacity of 36 cans and weighs just 3.25 pounds. It can be ready to be shipped in just 4 working days and is ideal to be used as one of the many innovative business promotional gift ideas as it easily customized with your company logo or name. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and does not require extensive maintenance. It is also ideal for camping and hiking trips. The minimum order quantity is 12 units while the minimum order price for this product is $45.53 only. So do not waste time and order this now for it has immense utility and is true value for money!

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