Monday, August 23, 2010

A Golf Accessory for Your Esteemed Clients- Hat Clip with Ball Marker

Golf is great sport which not only lets you relax but also improves your fitness quotient. There are many golf accessories which can be used as business promotional gift items. Ball Markers are also ideal gifts which are reasonably priced and can be used as promotional gifts. They are useful to every golfer as it helps the golfer to mark the position of the ball in order to prevent a penalty shot. Since the marker is also one of the smallest items a golfer needs, it is all the more better if it comes with a hat clip so it is not misplaced.

So no more fumbling in your golf bag or pockets for the golf ball marker as with this Hat Clip with Ball Marker, you can always keep it handy. It is easy to clip the marker to your belt, hat or shirt and it comes with a powerful magnet which keeps it in place.

This item is super light at just 0.04 pounds and easy to be shipped to you in 5 business days only. You can order the marker at just $4.43 for a minimum order quantity of 79 units. The set-up charge is $50.00 and you can personalize it to be used for promotional purposes as it offers a substantial imprint area. You can use Laser Engraving to emboss your company logo or name.

With golf merchandise like these, you can be sure to win enough brownie points with your clients who are passionate about the sport!

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