Monday, August 30, 2010

Boom Boom Sticks – A Must for Sporting Events

You must be familiar with a boom boom stick, if you are a sports enthusiast. The Boom Boom Sticks are the ultimate requirements to all kinds of sporting events. Nowadays, the craze of these sticks is catching the market like fire. To cater to the increasing demands of the young sport lovers, we have brought to you an exclusive line of these sticks under our range of Toys & Fun products. These logo sticks are inflatable and come with proper instructions. They are ideal for corporate sporting events and picnics. They are also good to make some noise at school sporting events like football games and annual sports days.

All our products under this range are manufactured by the experienced and talented workmen, who have a deep understanding of the materials and products. The products of our store are quality checked. Therefore, there is hardly any chance of delivering the products s of poor quality.

While purchasing a stick from our online inventory, you will get the detailed instruction guide on how to use it. It will also help you practice with them. These sticks come with a blow up straw and are available in 4 colors ranging from white, blue, red and yellow. The size of the product is 23" H x 4-1/2" W and each stick weighs about 0.04 pounds. It is easy to carry, wherever you go and easy to package it also. These sticks make ideal promotional gifts as they offer a substantial imprint area which you can use to display your brand or company name and logo. These are reasonably priced at $1.70 for a minimum order quantity of 206 units and can be ready to ship it to you within 10 business days.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Drink Your Favorite Beverage in this Varsity 16oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler

If you are looking for ideal promotional products to help you draw your client’s attention for any new products that you are launching, this Varsity 16oz Double Wall Acrylic Tumbler is just the thing for you. Its unique design and functional values will not only make your clients and customers want to use this again and again, it will also serve as an ideal promotional gift item as it offers ample imprint area on two sides.

This tumbler which comes with a straw also keeps your favorite beverages cold. You can enjoy drinking from it even while travel as it comes with a twist-tight lid which has a gasket to prevent spilling. Also, the straw comes in matching colors and has sure-ring which prevents any loss.

These wonderful tumblers come in a variety of translucent colors like purple, red, lime, orange, green, blue, smoke and even a plain clear tone. These are one of the most affordable and attractive Travel Mugs & Tumblers and ideal to be used as business gifts for trade shows and promotional events. You can even use this as seasonal gifts for your employees. The minimum quantity price of these tumblers is $5.50 for a minimum order quantity of 64 tumblers.

Drinking your favorite beverage can never be so much fun as with these awesome travel tumblers!!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Use the “Back to School” Season for your Business to Get Noticed with the Deluxe Notebook Mate School Kit

School promotional items are a great idea when it comes to finding innovative gifts to be used for business promotional purposes. The main purpose behind such gifts is to be noticed and to make the presence of your company felt across a wider network. School promotional items are a great way to get noticed as you can always be sure about children’s affliction for new stationery items. They love carrying these items to school or college and it’s a win-win situation for you as well as to those who receive these gifts. Apart from stationery which the kids can use, you can also gift fancy Toys & Fun items which are vibrant and novel.

One such item which ensures you recognition and publicity is this Deluxe Notebook Mate School Kit. A great school item, it offers you maximum exposure as not only can use the kit to imprint your company name/logo, you can even use the items within the kit for the purpose. This kit includes a Neon Buy Write Pencil, a flip-top sharpener for your pencils, a box containing 4 crayons, a stencil and an eraser. The kit comes in four attractive colors- school bus yellow, white, royal blue and red. Except for the eraser, all the other items are imprinted and the cost of a single color imprint is included in the price. With the minimum order quantity of only 100 kits, you can bag this great deal at just $4.10 which is surely a great bargain. Even the charge for bulk set-up is a mere $45.00 per color.

Order this great school stationery item today and see your brand name and business going places!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Golf Accessory for Your Esteemed Clients- Hat Clip with Ball Marker

Golf is great sport which not only lets you relax but also improves your fitness quotient. There are many golf accessories which can be used as business promotional gift items. Ball Markers are also ideal gifts which are reasonably priced and can be used as promotional gifts. They are useful to every golfer as it helps the golfer to mark the position of the ball in order to prevent a penalty shot. Since the marker is also one of the smallest items a golfer needs, it is all the more better if it comes with a hat clip so it is not misplaced.

So no more fumbling in your golf bag or pockets for the golf ball marker as with this Hat Clip with Ball Marker, you can always keep it handy. It is easy to clip the marker to your belt, hat or shirt and it comes with a powerful magnet which keeps it in place.

This item is super light at just 0.04 pounds and easy to be shipped to you in 5 business days only. You can order the marker at just $4.43 for a minimum order quantity of 79 units. The set-up charge is $50.00 and you can personalize it to be used for promotional purposes as it offers a substantial imprint area. You can use Laser Engraving to emboss your company logo or name.

With golf merchandise like these, you can be sure to win enough brownie points with your clients who are passionate about the sport!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Trendy and Functional Wine Accessories for Your Customers and Employees-Personalit'a Wine Set with Glass Markers

A funky idea which helps you enjoy your bottle of wine without any hassles- try this Personalit'a Wine Set with Glass Markers which can be a delight to receive and cherish. This wine set comes with a corkscrew, wine glass tags, a bottle opener and also a bottle stopper. These accessories not only help you your bottle of the sparkling spirit, they let you enjoy your wine in style, wherever you want to.

The corkscrew helps you to extract the cork stopper of the wine bottle easily and without creating any mess. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and does not require much maintenance. Made up of metal, it is easy to use and sturdy to last you through many years. The wine glass tags also known as Wine Charms. These help you to personalize wine glasses thereby making them ideal to serve as business promotional gift items. These are ideal to be used at parties or even office lunches where you do not want to miss sipping your wine. The bottle opener is handy and trendy and so is the bottle stopper. This gift set weighs just 2.25 pounds and you can easily customize it as the set-up charges are as low as $56.25 only. This entire wine set is made in metal and it is hence easy to clean as well as maintain. With the aid of laser engraving you can easily customize it and use it as a corporate gift idea. You can order it to be delivered within 7 business days and with a minimum order quantity of just 50 units and minimum order price of $34.24, it is certainly a good deal.

This Wine set which comes with Glass Markers is just one from our huge range of Bar Sets and Shakers!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wine Lovers’ Delight- Smooth Stemless Red Wine Glass- Set of 4

Just like there are various different types of wines, so are there different types of glassware in which you can enjoy your wine. There are glasses meant specifically to enjoy red wine, white wine, Sparkling wine, Dessert wine, etc. Glasses meant to enjoy Red Wine are rounder and have a shorter stem. Most people who know the art of wine drinking also know that to enjoy red wine in these glasses they need to hold it from the bowl and not the stem. For their rounder shape and shorter stems, these glasses have now come to be known as ‘goblets’. The new age design in red wine glasses have completely done away with the stem and now the trend is moving towards the stem-less red wine glass.

If you are looking for the right Coasters or Wine Accessories to use as a business promotional gift item, try this Smooth Stemless Red Wine Glass- Set of 4. You can use them for formal occasions or even casual lunches or get to-gathers with friends. They are sturdy enough for everyday use. Every wine lover’s delight, this glass set is a must-have for everyone who enjoys red wine. The capacity of each of the glasses is 21 oz. and if you are planning to customize these, you can do so easily using the front imprint area which can be deep-etched using Colorfill. The set-up charge is only $50.00 while the weight of the product is 5 pounds. You can get the best of price deals by ordering a quantity of 9 sets, which will work out to be just $38.80. You can either use deep etching or deep etching with color fill to customize these glass sets.

Enjoy your red wine in style with this chic stem-less wine glass set!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Wine Lover’s Gift Set- Gift Wine in Style with this Trendy Accessory

Insulated Wine Carry Bags, Wine Gift Sets and other wine and beverage accessories can be used to create personalized and customized as well as reasonably priced promotional gifts for your business. With wine becoming more popular each day with people across the globe, wine accessories have also gained importance with the wine lovers.

Try this new range of trendy Wine and Beverage Accessories and Wine Gift Sets. They serve as perfect promotional gift items. Take this Wine Lover’s Gift Set for example. It comes with everything except with the bottle of wine. So all you need to carry your wine and style and enjoy it without any hassles is this insulated cooler. It has the capacity to hold two bottles of your favorite wine and comes with a padded divider so you can be sure that your bottles are not damaged. It also comes with a corkscrew which can be used for multiple purposes. The Cooler Bag has a Velcro loop with which you can keep the corkscrew attached. The handle of the cooler is padded to allow easy grip and the bag has a non-slip base. It weighs just 0.83 pounds and with the ease of Logomagic, this can be used for dual branding also!

This gift set can be carried with ease to a picnic or even a trekking trip. You can even use it to gift wine to a friend or family. These wine coolers allow enough space and convenience to carry wine bottles. The padding on the handles and the insulation make it all the more attractive. You can also order these awesome wine gift sets to use them as business promotional gift items, because these are very affordable coming at just $11.98 for a minimum order quantity of 29 units.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Wine Carry Bag- A Hassle-Free Way to Enjoy your bottle of Wine and Even Gift it

If you are unsure what you should gift your friend the next time you have been invited over to his/her place for dinner, opt for a bottle of wine. It is the most appropriate gift for most occasions and ideal to be gifted to a host or even to a couple who has invited you to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Wine Accessories and Wine Gift Bags are an ideal way to dress up the wine bottles and they come in a wide array of styles and sizes.

This Wine Carry Bag is made up of 600D Polyester and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap which can even be detached. It has a plastic reinforced handle which makes it easier to grab and carry the wine bottle in style. These bags are insulated which helps in maintaining the wine temperature and also protects its contents. It also consists of outer pockets which are conveniently located on both the sides and come handy to carry corkscrew. It can store up to two bottles of wines as it has a Velcro divider which can neatly arrange and fit the bottles. The main compartment can be zipped closed.

So now if you love indulging in wines, you would be able to carry it and even gift it without any hassles. These wine bags are designed in a manner that they protect the wine bottles. They are durable, reusable and insulated. They come in attractive colors and can be customized if you wish to utilize these as promotional gift items for the next season. They make ideal business promotion gifts as they can be imprinted with your company logo/name using the silkscreen, PermaPatch or Geo-Panel methods. They weigh just 0.60 pounds and can be ready to be shipped to you in just 5 working days. At the modest price of just $7.74(for a minimum order quantity of 99 units) these bags are must haves if you have been confused about promotional gifts for your organization.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grill Master Barbeque Cooler Kit- Ideal for Enjoying a Lovely Barbeque on the Beach or even an Office Picnic

Everyone loves a barbeque at the local beach or park on a summer evening or a winter afternoon when one longs for the tender warmth of the sunshine. For that perfect promotional gift meant for recreational activities, this Grill Master Barbeque Kit is a stylish way to enjoy the corporate barbeque party at the beach.

Be it a picnic with your office colleagues or a picnic with your friends and family, this is a classy way to enjoy the grill and barbeque. It is compact enough to be carried anywhere and comes with a cooler. It has a large zippered back-pocket which carries a big table cloth so you do not mess the area you use for dining. It comes with all the barbeque accessories and tools like a stainless steel brush meant for the grill, tongs and a spatula. The front pocket is comes with all these barbeque components and can be zipped up to keep these things from spilling out. The main compartment is strong enough to store all the necessary items that might be required and the multiple pockets are ideal for storing the umpteen things you might need to enjoy the barbeque. The interior is heat-sealed and the table cloth is PEVA along with the inner lining. The kit comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and handles at the top which are comfortably large enough to hold.

This kit which is a part of our extensive range of Barbeque Sets has a carrying capacity of 36 cans and weighs just 3.25 pounds. It can be ready to be shipped in just 4 working days and is ideal to be used as one of the many innovative business promotional gift ideas as it easily customized with your company logo or name. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and does not require extensive maintenance. It is also ideal for camping and hiking trips. The minimum order quantity is 12 units while the minimum order price for this product is $45.53 only. So do not waste time and order this now for it has immense utility and is true value for money!

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Chill and Grill Outdoor Kit- A must Picnic and Outdoor Accessory which Makes Great Corporate Gift for this Season

Picnic sets and Barbeque sets make great gifts for men and women alike. Highly functional, these gifts can be customized to serve as corporate gifts too. Whether it is an office picnic or a hobby related to cooking outdoors, this Chill and Grill Outdoor Kit can make a great style statement and is certainly very useful too.

It comes with a portable grill, a large cooler compartment and grill tongs also. What is more is that this outdoor kit has separate zippered compartments which can be useful to store food items, tongs as well as grill. It is ideal to be carried to any corporate party or office picnic. Our entire range of Barbeque Sets and Outdoor and Picnic accessories is eco-friendly and is compact enough to be comfortably carried everywhere. So instead of gifting separate items like a grill, a barbeque kit and a cooler kit, make this awesome Outdoor kit your next promotional gift item and see how your customers or clients get mightily impressed.

It has a non removable shoulder strap and a handle at the top which serves as an easy grab. It has a storage capacity of up to 15 cans and weighs 5 pounds only. It gives ample scope for your corporate logo to be imprinted and comes with a PEVA lining and a PU fabric backing. The set-up charge would be as low as just $55.00 per color and this product can be shipped in just 4 business days. The minimum quantity price for this product is just $43.53 only. So do not look further if you are looking for quality corporate gifts for this season!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bubba Keg(TM) Football Mug- Ideal Corporate Gift For Today’s Fast-Paced Lives

If you need your cup of tea or coffee to perk you up even when you are on the move, then you must check this Bubba Keg(TM) Football Mug for sure. It is made up of Polypropylene outer base and its interiors are lined with polypropylene liner. It has a dual wall insulation which comes with a screw-on lid that can be flipped open easily. This lid is spill resistant and allows you to drink through it. They come with a capacity to fill in 52 oz of your favorite beverage.

Easy to be carried to office or your next trip, easy to drink from even while you are driving, this travel mug weighs 1.67 pounds only. These Travel Mugs and Tumblers can be your next promotional gift as they have umpteen uses. The person who receives them will be least likely to dump it in his drawer as it has a high utility factor about it. The mugs can be easily customized as they provide a sufficient imprint area in the front. They keep your drinks at the temperature you desire and lessen messes as they come with no-spill lids. If you have to drive longs distances, these travel mugs can come handy as they help you keep your car mess-free and uncluttered.

They are ideal for your employees as well as your customers who are always on the move or lead lives which are extremely fast paced. If you are opting for these travel mugs as your next range corporate gifts, you are certainly taking as a wise decision. At a minimum quantity (24) price of $15.44, they sure seem to be great on the cost factor too!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Carry your Lunch in Style with The Excursion Tailgate Cooler

Whether it is an incentive or an appreciation gift for your employees, a promotional gift or a “thank-you” gift for your clients and vendors, Insulated Bags and Coolers make great corporate gift ideas. Enough of those mundane business gifts like laptop bags, computer accessories, pens, etc ….go for this innovative gift which can be customized easily and is eco-friendly too. The Excursion Tailgate Cooler bag can help you make a style statement and keep your food and beverages within easy reach.

Whether you are planning a camping excursion, a long cross country drive or a big game, this bag has a heat sealed interior which makes it ideal for picnics and camping trips. It has front as well as side pockets which feature fold down mats and it also has multiple pockets to help you store enumerable items. The main compartment comes with a divider so you can neatly organize your food items and beverages and if you need to store something bulkier, you can remove the divider too. This insulated bag is easy to carry along as it comes with padded top grab handles which make it easy to hold on. It has the capacity to carry up to 50 cans and also comes with a retractable bottle opener. The product weighs 3.29 pounds and can be made ready to ship within 4 days.

These lunch bags can be very useful as not only can your employees carry it to work, it can be used by children to carry lunch to school or even by your valued clients on their next hiking or camping trip. You can place your order at a price of $28.05 per bag (for a minimum quantity of 25 units) which can go as low as $23.26 if you order 300 bags or more! At these prices, it is certainly a steal!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Extreme Sling Bag- A Comfortable Sport Accessory

If you have the habit of slinging your backpack or bag over one shoulder and it slips down the arm, it sure can be an inconvenience. The Extreme Sling is the answer to this solution. This awesome bag, made up of lightweight Dobby Nylon, can be fun to carry along wherever you go. The nylon used is extremely durable and thus can withstand rains and strong winds. It is eco-friendly and has adjustable shoulder strap which makes the backpack easier and more comfortable to be carried.

Make this your promotional gift this season and it will prove how conscious and socially responsible you are as an organization. Not only does it encourage the receiver to be physically more active, it also shows that you are concerned about the environment around you.

This sling bag allows you to carry your MP3 player along with you wherever you go. It has a media pocket with a separate ear bud port. Also, we know how important it is for you to hydrate yourself while you are exercising and so it has the provision of carrying your water bottle in the meshed side pocket which is specially provided to carry your water bottles along. You can even carry along your mobile phone in the Air Mesh mobile phone holder.

For your other belongings, we have provided the main compartment which is zippered and gives easy access to your belongings inside. This product is ideal to be used as a promotional gift as it allows an imprint area which is 3”h X 3”w. This product weighs a mere 0.80 pounds. The minimum order quantity is 49 units and you can get these sling bags at a minimum cost of $9.99.

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