Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweating it out is so much more fun with the HydraCoach BPA Free Sport Bottle

Are you a fitness freak or love sweating it out? Whether it is a game of tennis or squash, whether you never like missing your daily jog and gym session, you need to re-hydrate your body at regular intervals, more so when it is hot and sultry. Physicians and health experts, the world over keep advising with the regard to total fluid consumption which is required per day. This may again vary from person to person and also depends on your lifestyle and physical activity. With busy lifestyles people find it difficult to keep a track of their daily fluid intake.

How you ever wondered how easy it would be for you if something helps you keep track of the amount of fluid you have consumed through the day and also calculates your average hourly fluid intake?? Go for the HydraCoach BPA Free Sport Bottles! They are not made up of polycarbonate plastic and are absolutely safe for you.

A HydraCoach Sport Bottle is not only BPA Free, it helps you to automatically calculate your daily personal hydration goal also. The bottle is light enough to carry in your sport or gym bag as it weighs only .72 pounds. It has a display system which helps you to know your fluid intake for the day and also displays your hourly intake. It can be customized as per your requirement with a minimum order worth just $350. These eco-friendly, BPA Free, no spill bottles come for as little as $29.01 for a minimum order of 24 units!

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