Friday, July 23, 2010

Stay healthy and safe with Cool Gear(TM) Horizon Bottle

A must-have for all sport addicts and fitness freaks- the Cool Gear(TM) Horizon Bottle made from Tritan. This is a co-polyester material and is also BPA free. With rising awareness towards using eco-friendly material and like our other polycarbonate bottles,this sports bottle is free from bisphenol A, a chemical which can pose multiple health risks.

These plastic bottles made up of Tritan are extremely tough, heat and chemical resistant and offer great appearance as well as clarity. It is so safe that today, increasing number of Infant care products are also using this material to manufacture feeding bottles. They come with a flip and flow straw cap which also has an overmold to prevent spillage and is also dishwasher safe. This product is light at just 0.56 pounds so it is handy enough for those who want to use it for their daily walks and at the same time can even be carried easily in your gym or sports bag. It comes in two attractive colours being blue and graphite grey and can be personalized or used as a promotional item easily. We can provide shipping it to you within 5 business days.

You can get one of these cool Horizon Bottles for as less as $6.76 for a minimum order quantity of 100 bottles and if you want to use it for promotional purposes, the set-up only takes $50 for each order. You can even order the ink colour change for free and the best part is that we arrange it to be delivered to a third party as well.

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