Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Santa Fe Bottle - A must-have bottle for your beverages

Ideal for all your beverages, hot or cold, Santa Fe Aluminum bottles also make excellent gifts. Aluminum bottles are more suitable than glass ones as they offer a better grip, have a distinct look and aluminum lends a seamless finish. They are also lightweight and are good for rugged lifestyles.

Our aluminum bottles have a screw-on lid which ensures that there is no spill and it uses high quality food grade as an internal liner. To make it look more appealing and apt as a corporate gift, we also offer matching a carabiner.

Aluminum bottles are eco-friendly and are also 100% recyclable. Since they are unbreakable they serve well to hold all types of beverages. They also prove to be ideal to keep the cold beverages colder for longer as aluminum has thermodynamics properties which are well known. It can store up to 25 oz. and weighs a mere .33 pounds. That sure makes it light enough to carry even when you go camping and trekking!

Are you wondering about the price? Well, it comes for as little as $3.98 for a minimum order quantity of 96 units and it can go down as low as $3.36. The best part is that we can ship it to you within 5 business days sharp.

Santa Fe Aluminum bottles can be customized if you want to use them as corporate gifts. It can be set-up for as low as $55 and it can serve as a great way to impress your clients as well as the employees alike.

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