Monday, July 12, 2010

Check Out This Cute Four Person Picnic Backpack

A Backpack is the most essential item you need to carry while going for a picnic. Considering this purpose, many manufacturers and distributors have manufactured picnic backpacks in order to retail them in the local market. However, only a few of them are durable. We understand your demand, and for your convenience, we offer you a cute, useful backpack for your picnics. Our product has been designed to provide excellent build quality at an appropriate price. You might want to check out the features of the backpack. Since a picture can’t be enough to understand the features of any product, here are some of the features of this backpack that make it different from the others.

Our picnic backpack is made up of FDA compliant implements. It can easily serve 4 people and it includes melamine plates. Stainless Steel forks are added items accompanying our product. Moreover, you will get knives and spoons with blue plastic handles and polycarbonate wine goblets. This picnic backpack manufactured by us also includes a wood cutting board and a serrated knife along with a wooden corkscrew. In addition to this, the backpack also contains a salt/pepper shaker and 4 napkins. It is also equipped with a Double zippered access to a cooler compartment with a reflective liner. For the purpose of durability, we use 600D Polyester with a simulated Leather Trim. An S-shaped padded shoulder straps and a two zippered front pockets offer additional storage. The size of our product is 15''h X 11''w X 7 1/2''d and the weight is 5.20 pounds, making it very easy to carry around on your picnics.

Are these the features you have been looking for in a backpack? If so, come and grab this backpack from our store today!

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