Friday, July 30, 2010

Cinch it in with the trendy and comfortable Swoosh Cinchpak

If you are planning a tradeshow or a promotional gift, nothing would be better than this Swoosh Cinchpak. It can come handy at the gym, school, and business trip or even as a great sports accessory. Durable with enough space to carry your belongings, the Cinchpak comes in a design which is contoured with cushioned Air Mesh and Microfiber construction.

If you are a music lover, then this bag is all the more better for you as it has an internal media pocket as well as an external ear bulb port which allows you to carry your I-pod or MP3 along. The corners are rip resistant and these back packs are light enough at just 0.35 pounds. The Drawstring feature makes it all the more easy to carry and since it has an opening in the top, it offers easy access to your belongings inside. These sting style customized back packs have the advantage of a single adjustable strap which makes it easy to be carried over the shoulder or just slung casually across the back.

If you want to customize these backpacks, the set-up charge is just $50.00 only. The reasonable price makes it all the more attractive at $6.59 a piece for a minimum order quantity of at least 50 units. The price per unit can go down as low as $5.59 for an order quantity of 500 units. If you want to customize it with your company logo/name, we can do that for you using the Silkscreen imprinting method for a minimum order amount of $350.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Edge Sport Backpack- Carry it around with Élan

With good adjustable shoulder straps which are S-shaped, you can never go wrong with this Edge Sport Backpack. If you have been confused about what sports accessories to gift this season, then go for this as not only does it appear stylish, it can be customized with your company logo.

Whether you want to accessorize it with your business suit or carry it to the rugged exteriors, this has enough pockets to fit in whatever you need to carry. These backpacks are handy when you go biking, trekking and camping. They are ideal as sports back packs to be carried to the gym or a picnic. It has side pockets which are gusseted and strong enough to carry your sports water bottles. All its side pockets are zippered. It is comfortable to carry any amount of load in it as it has airflow cushioned backs which do not hurt your back. The front pockets come with an accessory organizer. If you love listening to music when in the outdoors, you can carry along your MP3 player as the bags consist of a separate MP3 pocket with a special earphone outlet. A document pocket ensures that all your important papers like a passport, license or travel tickets are safe enough.

This backpack is made up of 600D Polyester/Dobby Nylon/420D Ripstop Nylon and weighs only 1.10 pounds making it easy to be carried and packed also. It is suitable for all imprinting methods like embroidery, silkscreen, PermaPatch and even Geo-Panel. If you want it to be shipped to you, it will only take 5 business days to get it ready. This sport backpack comes at a mere $15.09 for a minimum order quantity of at least 49 units. The price can go as low as $12.51 if you order around 500 units. For customization set-up, the minimum order amount must be $350, to make the set-up cost feasible.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Trekking or Sports- Make the most of it with our Expedition Carabiner- 22oz

Carabiner bottles are easy to carry when you are out on an expedition as they come with an easy to attach clip which can be attached to any belt loop or even your backpack. It is good not only for your camping and trekking expeditions, you can even carry it when biking or jogging. It is light at 0.42 pounds and so you can even carry it affixed to your sports bag.

With so many plastic bottles to choose from, this one is great as it comes with a sturdy carabiner lid. Since it is a PETG version, it is highly resistant to impact and chemical agents. Not only is it transparent but also highly ductile. This plastic Expedition Carabiner-22oz bottle is completely environment friendly and 100% recyclable. This is reusable and so highly cost effective if you want to use it for your corporate promotional purposes.

We use screen printing method to imprint the bottle for personalizing it and it can be ready to be shipped within 5 business days. If you want to go for this trendy and useful product which can be customized with ease, the setting up cost is just $50.00 per order. It is indeed a steal at just $5.99 for a minimum order quantity of 72 units which can go down to as low as $4.96! A copy change costs as low as $30.00 only. So grab it while it is still hot as it can be a great corporate gift for your employees and clients alike.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Stay healthy and safe with Cool Gear(TM) Horizon Bottle

A must-have for all sport addicts and fitness freaks- the Cool Gear(TM) Horizon Bottle made from Tritan. This is a co-polyester material and is also BPA free. With rising awareness towards using eco-friendly material and like our other polycarbonate bottles,this sports bottle is free from bisphenol A, a chemical which can pose multiple health risks.

These plastic bottles made up of Tritan are extremely tough, heat and chemical resistant and offer great appearance as well as clarity. It is so safe that today, increasing number of Infant care products are also using this material to manufacture feeding bottles. They come with a flip and flow straw cap which also has an overmold to prevent spillage and is also dishwasher safe. This product is light at just 0.56 pounds so it is handy enough for those who want to use it for their daily walks and at the same time can even be carried easily in your gym or sports bag. It comes in two attractive colours being blue and graphite grey and can be personalized or used as a promotional item easily. We can provide shipping it to you within 5 business days.

You can get one of these cool Horizon Bottles for as less as $6.76 for a minimum order quantity of 100 bottles and if you want to use it for promotional purposes, the set-up only takes $50 for each order. You can even order the ink colour change for free and the best part is that we arrange it to be delivered to a third party as well.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweating it out is so much more fun with the HydraCoach BPA Free Sport Bottle

Are you a fitness freak or love sweating it out? Whether it is a game of tennis or squash, whether you never like missing your daily jog and gym session, you need to re-hydrate your body at regular intervals, more so when it is hot and sultry. Physicians and health experts, the world over keep advising with the regard to total fluid consumption which is required per day. This may again vary from person to person and also depends on your lifestyle and physical activity. With busy lifestyles people find it difficult to keep a track of their daily fluid intake.

How you ever wondered how easy it would be for you if something helps you keep track of the amount of fluid you have consumed through the day and also calculates your average hourly fluid intake?? Go for the HydraCoach BPA Free Sport Bottles! They are not made up of polycarbonate plastic and are absolutely safe for you.

A HydraCoach Sport Bottle is not only BPA Free, it helps you to automatically calculate your daily personal hydration goal also. The bottle is light enough to carry in your sport or gym bag as it weighs only .72 pounds. It has a display system which helps you to know your fluid intake for the day and also displays your hourly intake. It can be customized as per your requirement with a minimum order worth just $350. These eco-friendly, BPA Free, no spill bottles come for as little as $29.01 for a minimum order of 24 units!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Santa Fe Bottle - A must-have bottle for your beverages

Ideal for all your beverages, hot or cold, Santa Fe Aluminum bottles also make excellent gifts. Aluminum bottles are more suitable than glass ones as they offer a better grip, have a distinct look and aluminum lends a seamless finish. They are also lightweight and are good for rugged lifestyles.

Our aluminum bottles have a screw-on lid which ensures that there is no spill and it uses high quality food grade as an internal liner. To make it look more appealing and apt as a corporate gift, we also offer matching a carabiner.

Aluminum bottles are eco-friendly and are also 100% recyclable. Since they are unbreakable they serve well to hold all types of beverages. They also prove to be ideal to keep the cold beverages colder for longer as aluminum has thermodynamics properties which are well known. It can store up to 25 oz. and weighs a mere .33 pounds. That sure makes it light enough to carry even when you go camping and trekking!

Are you wondering about the price? Well, it comes for as little as $3.98 for a minimum order quantity of 96 units and it can go down as low as $3.36. The best part is that we can ship it to you within 5 business days sharp.

Santa Fe Aluminum bottles can be customized if you want to use them as corporate gifts. It can be set-up for as low as $55 and it can serve as a great way to impress your clients as well as the employees alike.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Landscape Binocular (12x32)- Your friend While Travelling

Are you looking for a nice pair of landscape binoculars? Then, look no further when we have this amazing pair of binoculars for you! We offer this exclusive product just for you. No doubt, there are a wide range of binoculars in our portfolio, but few will match the quality and build of this set. Rugged and sturdy, they will make an excellent investment for any outdoor trip. Considering your requirements, we bring you this high quality and cost-effective product that is easy to travel with. Check out the features of is pair of landscape binoculars we are offering here.

Firstly, the most important specification what makes it stand apart is its magnification, which is 12 x 32 mm. Due to this high magnification, you can get a much closer view even if you are far away. The field of view is 96M/ 1,000M which gives you a clear and transparent viewing range. The most exciting feature about our landscape binoculars is that they are equipped with a Blue coated lens for glare reduction. It includes a neck strap, lens cloth, and a protective 600D Polyester carrying case with a belt loop. It is available in a standard color. The size of the landscape binoculars is 5 1/2"h x 4 1/2"l x 3 1/2"w and it even comes in a gift box. The weight of the product is only0.80 pounds making it really easy to carry.

Check out the product at our online shopping portal. We guarantee that you will get all the conveniences of a pair of landscape binoculars you were looking for.

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Check Out This Cute Four Person Picnic Backpack

A Backpack is the most essential item you need to carry while going for a picnic. Considering this purpose, many manufacturers and distributors have manufactured picnic backpacks in order to retail them in the local market. However, only a few of them are durable. We understand your demand, and for your convenience, we offer you a cute, useful backpack for your picnics. Our product has been designed to provide excellent build quality at an appropriate price. You might want to check out the features of the backpack. Since a picture can’t be enough to understand the features of any product, here are some of the features of this backpack that make it different from the others.

Our picnic backpack is made up of FDA compliant implements. It can easily serve 4 people and it includes melamine plates. Stainless Steel forks are added items accompanying our product. Moreover, you will get knives and spoons with blue plastic handles and polycarbonate wine goblets. This picnic backpack manufactured by us also includes a wood cutting board and a serrated knife along with a wooden corkscrew. In addition to this, the backpack also contains a salt/pepper shaker and 4 napkins. It is also equipped with a Double zippered access to a cooler compartment with a reflective liner. For the purpose of durability, we use 600D Polyester with a simulated Leather Trim. An S-shaped padded shoulder straps and a two zippered front pockets offer additional storage. The size of our product is 15''h X 11''w X 7 1/2''d and the weight is 5.20 pounds, making it very easy to carry around on your picnics.

Are these the features you have been looking for in a backpack? If so, come and grab this backpack from our store today!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Check Out Our Cool Picnic Blanket!

Everyone likes to go for a picnic, but you need the right items to carry with you on the trip. For example, it is essential to carry a durable, top quality blanket to the picnic. For your convenience, we have a nice blanket for your picnics. An essential aspect for any picnic, your blanket must be easy to spread and quick to fold. Our product is manufactured following strict quality standards and is designed to offer you amazing comfort, and to help you out, it rolls up into a neat little bundled bag! Check out the picnic blanket right now - here are its specifications.

Our Picnic blanket is made up of 4 x 5 ft Flannel ground sheet with a waterproof PU liner. It is also equipped with a shoulder strap with a padded non slip comfort guard, and a comfortable carrying handle. It is made up of 600D Polyester and the size of the picnic blanket is 7''h X 13''w. The Picnic blanket can be put in your backpack and can be carried anywhere.

Check out our picnic blanket right now here on our site.

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The Indoor Garden Rollup - Everything your garden needs!

You may need a lot of things for gardening, to dig the soil, sow your seeds, or weed out those troublesome roots. If gardening is your passion, then we can offer you something that you need most importantly during gardening. We offer you an entire tool kit for all your gardening requirements. It is beyond doubt that you will need almost all of these tools. Our Indoor Garden Rollup is easy to unroll, and can be carried with you everywhere you like. It is stows away in a cost corner and does not take up much space as well.

Our exclusive Indoor Garden Rollup is made up of 600D Polyester. The garden tool set is equipped with a trowel, cultivator, transplanter, weeder, garden fork, pruning shears, anvil Shears, Gloves, etc. The size of our Indoor Garden Rollup is only 12’’h X 12 1/2''w X 2 1/2''d, and the weight is 2.33 pounds, which means it is light and small enough to carry wherever you like. Composed of Silkscreen, PermaPatch, and Geo-Panel, our indoor garden roll up kit contains everything you require for gardening.

Check out our Indoor Garden Rollup here at our site right now. We offer you top quality tools at a bargain price. Through our online store, you can buy anything from the comfort of your home with a simple click of your mouse.

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Gardening is fun with this Garden Tool Bag

If you are looking for a durable and good quality garden tool bag then come to us. Considering the increasing demand of our customers, we have come up with a high quality garden tool bag that will help out any avid gardener. We strive to provide you with a garden tool bag that can hold all your gardening tools and make it easy for you to store them after you finish gardening. Check out the specifications of the garden tool bag here right now.

Our exclusive garden tool bag comes with 600D water resistant nylon, stable Gatemouth design with a wire reinforced rim. It also contains 6 padded outer pockets. It includes 5 deluxe garden tools, which are the Trowel, Cultivator, Weeder, Pruner, and 30 meters of garden twine with a cutter. The size of the bag including the equipment is only 9 1/2''h X 14''w, and it has a silk screen. The weight of our unique garden tool bag is 1.42 is truly easy to carry wherever you want to go.

So what are you waiting for? Come and grab our exclusive garden bag. We guarantee you that you will love this tool bag for many years to come. A garden tool bag nowadays is the latest craze. People who love gardening can buy this tool bag from online shopping portal since they can get it by sitting at the comfort of the home.

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