Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get A Balanced diet with food and fitness journal

Do you know what your balanced diet should be? Do you visit your dietitian regularly to check out your food chart. Many people will say “NO”! Now, the reason of such negative answer is that many of us do not get adequate time to go to the doctor’s regularly and get our diet chart checked by them. What if you get a chart at your home that can guide you about regular diet? Sounds interesting? Yes, you can get such wonderful product at our online store. For our customers we have brought food and fitness journal, which will help them to check out if their regular diet is fine or not.

Our food and fitness journal is a useful tool for keeping track of food intake and daily exercise. Truly useful, the food and fitness journal is the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts or dieters. Comes in white or blue cover design, the kit is 12"w x 9"h size. Outside front cover size of the kit ranges from standard size to 4"w x 1"h, 4 color(s) max. Comes with an additional Gift Envelopes, the kit is extremely useful. The weight of the product is Product weight: 0.46 pounds, which allows you to carry it wherever you like.
Check out the specifications of the product right here.

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