Monday, June 21, 2010

Deluxe BBQ Backpack Set- An indispensable accessory for your traveling

Backpacks are a great options while going for trekking or travelling somewhere and equally important the BBQ sets are? What if you are getting all these at a same pack, say, a BBQ Backpack Set? Isn’t it a great idea? Yes, we present you exclusive Deluxe BBQ Backpack Set. You might though why you should come to us when you can get the same thing in the local market at cheaper rates. Here, we have to say that it is our quality what makes us different. Although the prices at local market are a bit cheaper, our price is not beyond your reach. If you want to try our product once, check it out here right now.
Our Deluxe BBQ Backpack Set consists of a mini Portable Round Barbeque set. These are made up of FDA compliant Stainless implements. The backpack is specially designed for traveling purpose. It is foam insulated cooler backpack with heat-sealed lining. It is fitted with adjustable Shoulder Strap with Padded Comfort Guard. More importantly, it has Stainless Spatula, Fork, Tongs, Basting Brush, 4 BBQ Skewers etc. it is a perfect picnic companion and packed with all of the essentials. The Deluxe BBQ Backpack Set comes in a Jacquard 1200D Polyester or 600D Polyester. This is portable enough and the size is 18''h X 10''w X 8''d. the s weight of the product is 5.38 pounds.
If you found the features truly exciting, check out the product here at our site. We guarantee you that you will come again for our other products once you try out this exclusive Deluxe BBQ Backpack Set.

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