Monday, June 7, 2010

Check Out ours Exclusive range of Salad to Go

Are you looking for any appliances that can help you in carrying salad while you are travelling? Then stop looking further when we are here. We can offer you high quality of salad to go while you go for outing. We know that the market available goods do not always provide you the assurance of quality. Hence we have manufactured for you a good quality of item that can be s used for various purpose. Our exclusive product is known as Salad to Go. Check out the specifications of the product right here.

Be healthy and bring a salad with you on the go. The wonderful product is fitted with the freezable gel tray keeps your salad, topping & dressing cold. It comes with a 4 cup salad bowl and also fitted with a Freezer gel veggie tray. Apart from this ours exclusive range of Salad To Go is fitted with separate dressing container that fits into gel tray. It is also equipped with Domed cover with locking tabs to keep lid secure. The entire fitting system made the product durable and useful. However, the size of the product is only 7-1/4"w x 4-1/2"h x 7-1/4"d and weighs about 0.58 pounds. Available in 3 different colours , it offers you multifarious uses.

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