Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Travel Sentry Luggage lock

Who does not want a proper luggage lock while going out for the traveling? What else if it is fitted with some additional features? You will surely love it if your luggage lock manufactured by us. Yes, the luggage lock we s have manufactured just for you is fitted wit such exclusive features that may make you spell bound. You can’t resist yours utmost desire to get this wonderful item once you check it. There is no dearth of such items in the market which is available at much lesser price. So why should you buy from us? It’s because reputed online stores offer you just what you need maintaining the quality standard which commensurate the amount of money you have spent.

Does it interest you in any way? Ors you are thinking of making a gift to the clients? Then check out the specifications of this wonderful item here right now. Give this luggage lock to clients or employees heading off to a tradeshow with a “safe travels” note attached. The lock is approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and as a result it can be opened by airport security without having to be cut off. The size of this wonderful item is 1.25''L x 0.67''W x 2.25''H. The product weight: 0.08 pounds

If you are really interested in it, grabs this right now from our stores.

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