Thursday, February 4, 2010

Swish BPA Free Sport Bottle Is Your Friend

A plastic bottle comes to your daily use and since it is hard to be damaged and broken, it is widely used. You need a plastic bottle almost everywhere you want to go. Considering your needs and requirements we have manufactured a new kind of plastic bottle which we have named Swish BPA Free Sport Bottle. You can check this out and we guarantee that you will love it. Go through its features right now and see if it interests you.

Swish BPA Free Sport Bottle manufactured by us is of ergonomic shape to contour to hand. As a result it is easy to use. It is fitted with Unique lid, which can be hooked easily to totes, belt loops, and carrying straps. Ther is a thumb grip in the front of the bottle which makes it easy to hold. Also Swish BPA Free Sport Bottle is equipped with finger grips at its back. The material is a BPA-free plastic and the size of the plastic bottle is 22 oz. the size of the item is 3.00''L x 3.00''W x 10.25''H and its weight is 0.32 pounds, which means it is handy and you can carry it wherever you like.

Just check this out at our site right now.

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