Friday, January 22, 2010

Knife Sharpening Guide

Whether you have bought your own knife for practical purposes, have been given a knife set as a gift, or have been so fortunate as to receive a promotional knife or promotional knives set for being a valued customer, you are going to want to sharpen it or them. Most knives, even the multi-function Swiss army type, or other functional tool or camping knives, have some blades that will need sharpening.

Knife sharpening is a controversial subject. You might not think so, but check around in the knife aficionado world and you will find out it is so. The battle rages over what type of stone to use, wet or dry, and which way to move the knife. Then there is if wet, what type of wet, water or oil. And there is the angle to consider. It is all very technical.

Click here to read our Knife Sharpening Guide

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