Sunday, January 31, 2010

Everlast Fitness Ball Increase your fitness

Looking for a fitness ball to keep yourself fit and healthy? A fitness ball can help you in your daily exercise. You can get a wonderful body with the help of your fitness ball. No doubt you will get number of fitness balls in the market and it will surely help you but hardly a few offers a guarantee of the quality. Considering your requirements we have manufactured this fitness ball. The manufacturers here are trained and our Everlast fitness ball offer you the best quality. Check out its features here right now.

The Everlast fitness ball manufactured by us is a 65-Inch ball, which maximizes workouts while providing support and cushioning to your body. It helps in keeping your body fit and healthy. The Everlast Fitness ball targets all major muscle groups, toned them up, and accentuates the regular blood circulation. The Everlast fitness ball is equipped with two-way action pump and a 20 min instructional DVD and a portable drawstring bag, which helps in the proper usage of the ball. The size of the Everlast Fitness ball is 10’’L x 0.25''W x 13’’ H, which means it, is highly portable and you can carry it wherever you want. The weight of the product is only 2.98 pounds. It you are looking for a ball like this the check it out.

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