Monday, March 30, 2009

Women's All Purpose Utility Kit

If you furnish to clients who stand for by the proverb, "if it's not in the scrapbook, it didn't happen,” then this Women's All Purpose Utility Kit is the perfect gift for you.

Whether you're a gal mate, waiting for a grand way to begin a scrapbooking rookie or a fashioning association that loves to remain, well-planned and organized, our Women's All Purpose Utility Kit will undoubtedly do the trick.

This is the ideal gift for crafters and scrapbooking fans; this will help them keep their stuffs organized. It has multiple interior and exterior pockets for storage; hence it is simply perfect for stuffing your belongings in order. The polka dot trim adds a little more appeal to it. This Women’s All Purpose Utility Kit includes plastic container to store and organize tools and accessories. And simply like a genuine crafter, you are acquainted with the fact that if it’s not unique, it’s hardly worth having. Hence, you’ll love to have this because it has that useful quality and unique touch in it.

With this Women’s All Purpose utility Kit around, all you men can relax now, because this is the ultimate gift you can plan to give to your beloved as well as to your near and dear ones. This is the perfect gift for any woman of any age. If you have not yet decided yet, make it fast, think again and get one for your dear ones. Ladies! If someone is not gifting you, then do not wait. Go and get the product for yourself. The item code of the product is 38670.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Wrap Tumbler

Are you a kind of a person who loves to have hot coffee while going to office? Then here is the ideal product for you, the Wrap tumbler. Inside this Wrap Tumbler, your coffee or tea will definitely stay hot till you reach your destination. Even if you are looking for a handy tumbler with a glass shape, then your perfect product, the Wrap Tumbler is here. This Wrap Tumbler is extremely handy to carry. With this Wrap Tumbler around, you do not need to worry about your coffee or tea. You can have a cup of hot coffee or tea any time now.

This 16oz Wrap Tumbler features a unique vinyl wrap cover that gives it a very trendy and stylish look. It has a double wall construction with stainless steel inner shell which ensures the effectiveness of the product. The double wall construction helps the stuff inside to remain as hot as it was for a longer period of time. The Wrap Tumbler comes with a push-on spill resistant lid, and because of this kind of top cover, the chance of leakage is negligible.

This Wrap Tumbler not only keeps the hot stuff hot, but also keeps the cool stuff cool. Hence, if you want to keep chilled water with you while your way to any destination, then this Wrap Tumbler your ultimate friend. So, you can now carry your child's milk or juice without any tension, be sure it will remain as it was. This extremely useful tumbler is a perfect gift for your dear ones. So, make up your mind and get the Wrap Tumbler. The item code of the Wrap Tumbler is 23832.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

24 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

To stay hydrated throughout a busy day without risking your health is often difficult. Nevertheless, if you do not catch the accurate bottle, which keeps water safe and cool for quite an extended time, don’t worry! The 24 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle is here to resolve all your troubles. For juggling your tight agenda, kids, class, work, etc, this 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle is ideal.

This compact bottle is made up of single wall Japanese 18-8 stainless steel, the material of choice of the food industry. The stainless steel is stronger than Aluminum and guarantees safe drinking and never taste like chemicals or plastic. This reusable steel bottle allows for an environment friendly substitute to plastics that bung up landfills. The 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle has an exclusive starline design, which gives it a very stylish and trendy look. With a wide mouth design, the ice cubes slip in with ease and cleansing is a breeze. It has hinged closure with automatic vent valve.

With this 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle around, you don’t need to bother about quenching your thirst. This bottle is ideal for every place, be it the office, or school. You can even carry it while going for any outing or picnic. Not only will it keep the water cool but, will also keep it safe. If you are already in love with this bottle, then the item number of the product is 26756. Hurry up! And have one for yourself and if you wish, you can also give your loved ones that little extra with this 24oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Illusion Sport Bottle

For any outdoor game player, a bottle of cool water is the most essential requirement to quench your thirst. However, if you do not get the right bottle, which keeps water cool for quite a long time often, don’t worry. The latest Illusion Sport Bottle is here to solve all your problems. With this fabulous bottle around, you don’t need to worry about your thirst.

This very latest thirst quenching technological marvel makes for a very stylish product. With a holding capacity of 32 ounce in it, you can now even think of leaving some water to pour on your coach after the big game, as there is a ton of room inside it. It has a wide top, which enables you to put ice cubes inside it very easily. Hence, now you do not have to bother about how to drop in ice cubes inside your bottle or keep the water cool, as this bottle has a wide opening to fit it. The sealing lid with the straw makes it a very handy product.

Not only can you use it during a game, you can even use it for any outing or for a picnic as well. This very useful Illusion Sport Bottle is useful for all ages. Are you thinking of some gift for your near and dear ones? Then, do not rack up your brain too much. Simply gift them this Illusion Sport Bottle. This is a very stylish and useful product for any one of any age. Give your special one that little extra with this Illusion Sport Bottle. They will love to have one. The item number of this product is 36056. So be quick and get one for your own self.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Aluminum Divot Repair Tool

For any serious golfer, their most loved possession is their equipment. This makes it extremely important to keep informed whenever you go to buy any type of golf equipment. The golf clubs are clearly the most costly piece of golf equipment, which a golfer can buy. Still, there are some other accessories that equally vital for the game. The balls, tees are some of the essential needs for the game, no matter whether you play a professional game or play it just for recreation.

Another very important device is the divot repair tool. This device helps you mend any dents formed on the green. However, are you in a dilemma that from where you will get a good divot repair tool? Then your answer is here, the multi functional golf repair tool. It is not only a divot repair tool, but it has many other features also. The features include, a ball marker, knife, nail file, screwdriver, and divot fixer. This multi functional device is a must have for any golfer. Now you do not need to bother too much about the dents on the green. Use it as a ball marker, or as a knife, it has everything in it. Not only it will work as a divot fixer, but you can also use it as a screwdriver for various works

This very useful, multi functional repair tool comes in a very nice gift box. Therefore, now you do not need to hog around for finding a right gift for your golfer. You can simply bestow this wholesome device upon your dear one. It is perfect gift for any occasion for someone who loves the greens. If you have already loved it, then the item code is 23559. Come on, hurry up, and get one for yourself and for your dear ones!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ballzee Golf Ball Cleaner

People often hate executing the game of golf when it is raining. Many of them even buy an umbrella to walk around the course. Sometimes, it is a pain, when the golf ball gets mucky and muddy. What attracts a lot of mud, are the dimples on the ball, and thus, it ruining the purpose of having them. Now, we have a very nice solution for this. Here is the PGA Merchandise Show award winner: Ballzee Golf Ball Cleaner.

This ballzee golf ball cleaner, cleans your golf ball in a very safe and unique way. Now, you will no more get irritated cleaning the ball after every stroke. This very useful and effective golf ball cleaner completely soaks inside and squeezes out the excess water. It is very handy and fits flat in the pocket keeping the pocket bone dry and also keeping you out of the trouble using some bulky and difficult cleaning products. This golf ball cleaner comes with the instruction card inside. So, you will not face any problem while using it for the first time.

Do you love to see your golf ball dazzling and clean? Then don’t waste time thinking, simply get this amazing Ballzee golf ball cleaner. This will not only keep you golf ball clean and clear but also it will keep you away irritation of hanging up you game of golf due to rain. Now, you can even think of playing in the drizzle. If you have really loved the product, then, jot down the item code, it is 34595.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Intricate Golf Keyring

We intend to give someone a gift to make the person happy and express our message to them. So, how can someone make a sports person happy and also send across their message? The answer is very simple! By giving them their related sports equipment. Therefore, when it comes to a person who is a golfer, then it is certain that we should give them their most loved golf accessories and equipments. And what can be better than this intricate golf keyring.

This all very new and exciting intricate golf keyring has got multiple functions. It is a separating keyring, which has also got a divot fixer. It also includes one logo/ location laser engraved in it. Comes in satin chrome material, this keyring is the ultimate gift for a golf lover. Weighing only 0.22 pounds, it is not only easy to carry, but it is also very stylish and trendy. Thus, you can give this to a new and amateur player as well as to a professional golfer, of any age.

Because of its multiple functions, it becomes very useful equipment for any golfer. And also not only for a golfer, you can use it for your own also. Key ring is a basic requirement of almost every person. So when it comes to gift some one, then you can plan to gift it even to some one who is not a golfer. And, having one for yourself will be a real treat.

So, if you have still not made up your mind, then think again. Be sure that others who you are giving a gift to remember your message. And what can be better than this intricate keyring to convey the message. The item code of this product is 30850.

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Sunscreen And Insect Repellant

Are you worried about your skin when you play your 18 rounds on the greens? Have you tried many sunscreens, but can’t find the right one? Then stop thinking now, a permanent solution to your problem has arrived. A very effective sunscreen and insect repellent, this is a very essential product for any golfer.

This all new and effective sunscreen and insect repellant comes in a spray form. It is a pocket sprayer and can easily come in your pocket pouch. This is well-tested and an award winning pocket sprayer.

This product has got twin feature, not only it protects you from the harmful rays of sun, it also works as an insect repellant. Now, you can very easily keep the bugs and insects far away from you. When this revolutionary insect repellant is around you, no insect or flies can disturb you while playing. The best part of the spray version of this very essential sunscreen and insect repellant is that you don’t get it on your hand or fingers. Getting a bug spray or sunscreen on hands during any golf round may cause some seriously sinful shots, as your club might slip out of your hand and flies into nearby hazard.

Not only one can use it on the golf course, it can be used by any other sports person also. This product can be equally effective for persons involved in any outdoor games. Even you can use it in the mountains, in the deserts and also on a beach. So, if you are planning for a trip to mountains or resorts, don’t forget to keep this pocket sprayer in your pouch.

Make up your mind and quickly have one. The item code of this product is 43531. So hurry up!!!!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Golf Bag Water Bottle Cooler

Have you gone astray while deciding on what to gift someone who is in love with Golf ? Then, now you don’t need to rack your mind to find out some new ideas. The only thing you need to do is look into this very sophisticated golf bag water bottle cooler. It is assured that you will fall in love with it instantly. This is such a gift which any Golfer of any age would love to receive. And not only to a golf lover, one can also give any of your near and dear ones.

Now one question can arise in your mind, why to have a golf bag water bottle cooler? Then the answer is, firstly, it is has got a very cool look and along with it, this bag keeps the content in it also very cool. Well, that also hears to be pretty cool. So how will it be having one for yourself ? Well, anyone would like to have one – whether you are a golfer or not a golfer. As the summer is approaching, you should make sure that while going to a golf field, you are sufficiently stocked with some cool water to satiate your thirst.

To top it all, this bag also comes along with two of the most important golf equipment, and they are tees and divot repair tools. In this bag you will get 15 tees and 1 Divot repair tool. The bag weighs about 0.23 pounds which makes it extremely handy to carry. This component has black imprint and comes in assorted colors unless specified. Moving around in a golf course, whether you are walking or even by a car, can turn out to be both tiring and exhaustive. This cooler bag will help you calm yourself down.

So, if you have still not planned to buy it, then think again. The item code of this useful product is 36421.

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Golfer’s Caddy : Eye Candy For Your Golf Clubs!

For any serious sports person, the most priced possession is always related to their equipment. So, when you plan to give something to a golfer, what comes in mind first? Some golf equipment, such as golf balls or tees etc, right? How about giving a whole basket of such golf products?

There are too many of gizmos and gadgets that are always intended to entice in amateur golfers into simply buying them, with some of the promises like it will help them “play like pros” etc. But in reality, three of the main golf equipments beside clubs are comparatively very simple. They are the golf balls, the tees and the divot repair.

So the all new and unique golfer’s caddy is a basket of such golf equipments. This all in one golfer’s caddy has almost all of it , it has got 3 imprinted golf balls along with 15 tees of size 2-3/4”. It holds in it your scoreboard, has a mesh panel for tees , “easy squeeze” golf ball dispenser, elastic pencil holder with handy carabiner to clip onto your bag.

Mesh panel is there at the back to hold the tees. The “easy squeeze” dispensers are at the bottom. The tees have the black imprint and come in varied colors unless specified.

With so much going for it, this whole basket is a golfer’s eye candy. You can also plan to give it to a learner and also to someone who is a serious golfer. The item code of this very new and unique product is 36568. if you really liked it then don’t delay to have one of such thing.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby Care with Deluxe Child I.D. Kit

You love to buy gifts for you darling child. Thus, every now and then you are buying soft toys, pencils, colors, note books, drawing books, chocolates, dolls, and much more for little one. How about buying a special gift for that special person. You can choose Deluxe Child I.D. Kit for your kid. Well your kid really would not be using and the gift will actually be useful for you.

This gift is a vinyl record keeper folder that is excellent for keeping a personal record of all your baby’s requirements. The folder is useful for noting down and keeping a track of the physical characteristics of your baby, babysitter information, guardian information and a lot more. Anyone who looks after your baby will certainly gain a lot from this item. It is absolutely great for people like teachers, babysitter, and coaches. Another unique thing about this product is the ink strip that is provided with the kit. This helps in fingerprinting.

If you really liked this then you can order this. Note down the item number which is 37043. The contents of the product include a record-keeping folder so that you can keep a personal record, not down physical characteristics, hold babysitter and guardian information. The entire folder comes in a vinyl case and there is an ink strip for fingerprinting. The product is attuned with Auto Fingerprint Identification Systems. The ink strip is easy to use and it offers consistent, clear, and high-quality prints. There is an imprint area, where you can print the name and logo of your company.

You can also buy other corporate gifts from our site. If you are interested in Spa and Personal Care products then you should browse through tooth pick dispenser, Votive gel candle, Votive paraffin wax candle, metal tin paraffin colored wax candle, snap-a-long carry pouch, med-week seven-compartment pill box, heart pill box, and pharmacist's pal pill counter.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Party with Koozie(R) Party Kooler

Are you lost when it comes to selecting a nice promotional gift? Now, you don’t have to rack your brains to come up with new promotional gift ideas. All you have to do is take a look at Koozie(R) Party Kooler and you will fall in love with it instantly. It is a perfect gift for people of all ages and any recipient will love to receive it. You will certainly be able to create the required impression with this corporate gift. Now you can make sure that you give all your competitors something to worry about.

Why is this Koozie(R) Party Kooler so popular? Firstly it looks cool and secondly it keeps cool things cooler. Well that sound cool too. So how about having one for self? Yes, anyone would like to receive. As summer is approaching you would soon like to set out on a picnic with your family to a local destination. You may choose a seaside getaway to the forest. However, you should ensure that you are stocked with some cool drinks and water to quench your thirst. This Koozie(R) Party Kooler is large enough to holds up to a big case of 12-oz. cans. In addition to that it can hold ice and it also comes with a bottle or can opener. That makes the product really very handy and easy to use. Thus, if you are setting out in a large group, you will be able to carry drinks and ice for all. The koozie is made of leak proof vinyl liner, which is also very easy to clean. It also has an open flat front pocket, where you can store additional objects that you want to. Note down the item number of the product, if you really liked it and it is 35699. you can also browse through out range of lovely Picnic Coolers and Bags.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10 in 1 Compass Survival Card Solves All Your Problems

Do you want to promote your company in a memorable way? Then make sure that you choose a great promotional product. The gift should not only of high quality but something that will click will everyone. How about choosing this stunning 10 in 1 Compass Survival Card as a corporate gift? The looks of this product are so great that it will be flattering for anyone who receives it. Now what makes this product, 10 in 1. It has 10 components, which are bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, compass, knife edge, 3 position wrench, small wingnut wrench, metric or inch ruler, mini screwdriver, and magnifier.

If you are interested in buying this gift then make sure that you note down the item number, which is 31654. You can avail this product in different and attractive shades such as black, red, green, blue, and white. You will get a translucent or ABS black case, along with this gift. The price of the product also includes color imprinting of one logo as well as tuck end gift box. The materials used for making this gift are ABS plastic and steel and the product weighs only 0.11 pounds. Once you order it, it will be ready for shipping in 7 business days. Hurry up 24 hour rush is available, so you can call to learn about the details.

If you are interested in buying Compasses and Outdoor Tools, then you can look at our unique repertoire of other gifts. You can choose from top-view stepper pedometer, multi-function pedometer, whistle key light with compass, fm radio pedometer, indoor/outdoor lantern, vista binocular set, 4 LED mini lantern, 20 LED camping lantern, PC fitness set, PC hiking set, dynamo lantern, charger, and survival tool card.

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