Friday, December 11, 2009

Go for a picnic with Crossing Picnic Rucksack Kit

Are you looking for picnic bags or travel bags that you can carry during the long distance traveling? Then you can get it at our store. The craze of online marketing is ever increasing and nowadays people look for every necessary items at the online store. Considering all you requirements we have manufactured this travel bag and we have named it as Crossing Picnic Rucksack Kit.

This Crossing Picnic Rucksack Kit is a new kind of travel bag completely different from the lots and it is good for carrying in the picnic and long distance traveling. It is a 22-piece set and has a wide range of additional feature. It includes 4 place settings, each of which consists, a fork, knife, spoon, plate and cup, a serving-style wine opener, and a backpack and a backpack. The backpack attached here features a large compartment for all items, a small zippered pocket with an earbud port. The size of the item is 12’’L x 8''W x 17''H. The weight of the product is 2.94 pounds.

If you are looking for such a travel or picnic bag, just check this out. It will give the worth of your money.

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