Monday, November 16, 2009

Places Where Germs Live: 101 Reasons to Use Hand Sanitizers

There is no place in your day-to-day activities where you won’t find bacteria, viruses and germs.

When it comes to your health and personal hygiene—you can’t underestimate the importance of keeping your hands clean. They’re the most common way your body comes into contact with dirty surfaces that can cause you to catch and spread germs that may cause illness.

Listed below are some of the most common places and surfaces in everyday life where you can easily pick-up bacteria, viruses and germs without even being aware of their presence
Home and Shopping

1. Shopping carts handles
2. Doors and windows handles
3. Remote controls (TVs, DVRs, etc.)
4. Kitchen worktops – should be cleaned daily with antibacterial cleaner
5. Kitchen sink – should be washed daily
6. Kitchen sponges
7. Kitchen napkins
8. Refrigerator handles
9. Oven and kettle handles
10. Cooker gas knobs
11. Lights switches
12. Toilet seats
13. Water tap handles
14. Sofa arm rests in living room
15. Benches in garden
16. Stair handrails
17. Side table drawers in bedrooms, kitchen or in bathroom
18. Dining chairs handles

See the full list at 101 places germs live.


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