Sunday, November 1, 2009

Medium Block – Custom Is Of Various Uses

Crystal blocks are one of the popular household items and it can be used to serve various purposes. It can also be used the paperweight.Moreover, it can be given as a corporate gift at affordable rates. Medium blocks for household uses are available in plenty in the market. However, many people prefer to do the online shopping in order to get the speedy delivery at the doorsteps. Considering the needs of these people, we have manufactured a wonderful crystal customized medium block.

Customized medium block is manufactured in the selected shapes. With the help of our latest laser technology, we can create 3 dimensional logos and designs in the block according to your requirements. The customized medium block manufactured by us is available in vertical or horizontal configurations. You have to choose which one suits you the best. As crystal piece this medium block is very portable and it is easy to carry in a bag , wherever you are going. The size of this block is 4-3/8"w x 3-1/8"h x 3-1/8"d. this crystal piece is available in one transparent color. The weight of this block is only 5.00 pounds.

If you are looking for one such customized block, then you can check our product. It will give you the worth of your money.

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