Monday, October 26, 2009

Round Brass Coaster Weight(TM) Coasters Can Make A Wonderful Gift

Are you looking for a perfect gift to be given to your friends or business partner? Then, why do not you go for coaster? Coaster can make a perfect gift. Since coaster is of enough importance, it is widely available in the market and even in the online stores. Considering your requirements, we have manufactured a coaster, which is named Round Brass Coaster.

Round Brass Coaster Weight(TM) Coasters manufactured by us are made up of molded brass over zinc and bonded leather. The leather cover is available in different colors and you have to specify the color. In the packet of the coaster, you will get the user guide. You will get the other coaster options also. The size of the Round Brass Coaster Weight(TM) Coasters manufactured by us is 3-3/4" dia. x 3/8"h, which means it is highly portable. You can carry it wherever you like. It is available in the wraparound packet and it is available in one color only. The weight of this product is 6 pounds and it is handy.

If you are looking for any of such coaster, then you can check out ours product. It is a wonderful product and will give you the value of your money.

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