Sunday, August 30, 2009

Make Your Cheese And Wine Party Exciting With Gourmet Bamboo Cheese Set

During the weekends you might have wine and cheese gathering in your home. Just think how much exciting that could be if you have a chic and fashionable cheese set. You can cut the cheese according to a shape, you like. Such a cheese set can make your gathering is an exciting event. Today such items are available in plenty. Made up of a variety of materials, cheese sets are available in plenty and at different price ranges. Here is a new kind of cheese set which ill surely interest you. Unlike others, it is made up of bamboo, which marks its difference.

As the manufacturers said, the gourmet bamboo cheese set is just the perfect for your wine and cheese gathering. The cheese set made up of the environment friendly materials bamboo, looks truly different from the lot. This earth-friendly bamboo cheese board has a slew of exciting features. The cheese set has cheese, bread and cleaver knives which are made up of the stainless steel material. All the knives fitted with the gourmet bamboo cheese set meet the FDA standards. There is the facility of sliding drawers, where you can keep the knives when not in use. This exclusive gourmet bamboo cheese set comes with a gift box and a protective cover and a gift box. The cover protects the cheese set from the dust and rust creating particles.

If you are looking for a cheese set like this then check out this new gourmet bamboo cheese set.

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