Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Experience this smart Flash MP3 Player 1GB

Today flash MP3player are widely used. Although very common among the teenagers, yet it is widely used by the old people also. This looks truly smart and extremely fashionable. Moreover, using such smart flash player nowadays is a trend and many people irrespective of age are using such chic MP3 player. Today many electronic companies are launching their own Flash MP3 Player, which are available in plenty in the market. However, it’s likely to be impossible to choose the perfect one from the lot. Keeping all these in minds, this new Flash MP3 Player 1GB has been manufactured.

This is a new kind of flash player. It is a basic 1GB mp3 player that uses flash memory to store mp3s. Simply plug into any USB port and drag-and-drop files- no drivers or software necessary. This excellent Flash MP3 Player 1GB can also be used as a portable flash drive. It is extremely handy and easy to-use mp3 player. Moreover, Flash MP3 Player 1GB also functions as a flash drive. You have to plug on the player only and no software is required for the paying of the song. The new Flash MP3 Player 1GB comes with an AA battery in the packet. The batteries are not inserted in it. You have to insert it in the flash player. You can also plug the USB into your computer and it will help you in transferring the mp3 files directly onto it directly. The size of the 1-1/16"w x 3-3/8"h x 5/8"d, which means it is extremely handy and portable.

If you are looking for any such flash player then you can check it out.

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