Sunday, August 9, 2009

Check Out This 1.5" LCD Digital Photo Ornament

The concept of digital photo ornament is although new yet it is widely acceptable nowadays. Many people are now having digital photo ornament in order to get their photograph fitted in it. The growing craze of this digital photo ornament also made them available in the market. Those which are available in the market are not always of good quality. As a result many people go for online shopping. Keeping all these requirements in mind, this 1.5"LCD Digital photo ornament has been manufactured. Its is extremely stylish and looks stunningly beautiful.

This new 1.5"LCD Digital photo ornament can display over 50 photos on the 1.5" LCD screen. It also features slide show and has the system of auto on/off. The 1.5"LCD Digital photo ornament come with two AA batteries in the packet which are not inserted. Yu have to insert that yourself. It has a huge storage capability and can store over 60 images at a time. The significant features included in it are slideshow, rotate, crop, and auto off, which helps to manage the images automatically. The AA batteries are fixed inside it and the other set is given with the packet. The whole size of this 1.5"LCD Digital photo ornament is 3-1/2" dia, which means you can handle it and can carry it , wherever, you want. It is highly portable.

If you are looking for any quality digital photo ornament then 1.5"LCD Digital photo ornament can be the best choice which can give you the full value of your money.

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