Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carry the Collapsible Party Cooler While Going For Picnic

Cooler bag is a must have item for going to a picnic. This is because, such cooler kit can carry voluminous items at a single time. Hence, it is s one of the important picnic accessory, which everyone likes to carry while going for a picnic. Now, if you are the one who loves travelling and moving around, then such a cooler kit is one of your principal necessity. Contemplating all your needs and purpose we have made up a new kind of cooler, known as Collapsible Party Cooler. It is s different from the market available coolers in terms of price and at the same time quality. Although comparatively expensive than the market available cooler, our cooler kit is durable enough.

The collapsible party cooler is stylish and useful enough to carry anywhere from potluck to picnic. The best part of this new cooler kit is collapsible, which has made its just ideal for storage. This collapsible party cooler has come up with a retractable metal bottle opener. The bottle opener is attached with the bag for your convenience and you do not need to bring another opener from outside to open it. Moreover, this collapsible party cooler is equipped with top grab handles. Hence, there is a least chance of getting it damaged by anyway. With this tough handles, you can also carry them on your hands.

This is not all. This collapsible party cooler has a heat sealer, which helps to keep the food hot for several hours. It has the capacity of carrying 28 cans, i.e. it can carry huge quantity of food. Available in a variety of colors, these collapsible party cooler is a smart choice for carrying in picnic.

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